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No trickle-down


November 24, 2017 Letters to the Editor

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“Words, Words, Words, I’m so sick of words ... .”

The hype from Washington about how much the tax cut bill will help the middle class, is just that — words, no substance, just words.

The tax bill is not tax reform, it is a gift to large corporations and the very wealthy. The swamp has expanded to include big business and big money. Wealth and power! Trickledown economics has proved it does not work. Corporations will pocket the money and it will not trickle down. The middle class will pay for corporations and the wealthy to get a huge tax break. We will lose health care for millions, including severe cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Your parents and grandparents will struggle to survive and your children may not be able to get the education or training needed to find a job that provides a living wage. And you will be the meat in that sandwich, trying to cover more and more with less and less.

Everyone is waiting for the government to do something for us. We are the government! We have members in Congress who are so busy looking for scapegoats and protecting their sources of funding, that what people need is of no importance. When you ask Republicans what they are doing, their only response is, well, Hillary Clinton ... blah, blah blah. The election is over and the Republicans are the ones who can’t get over it.

We need to stand for moral and ethical behavior in our elected officials. We need to select, support and vote for people who have and express reasonable, sensible, practical and logical ideas to carry us forward to a strong and honorable future for our country.

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