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Don’t interfere with the free market

Sen. Bob Casey, I agree that monopolies and price gouging are unethical. However, I believe the key to a thriving society is a growing entrepreneurial system where the PEOPLE choose what to buy and what to invest in. The company and products you listed have thousands of competitors.

In your explanation of greed and price gouging, you never mention the effect of President Joe Biden’s oil policies, which can be traced directly to the rise of inflation. Increasing taxes on the rich and on corporations only worked well when President Dwight Eisenhower did it.

Picking winners and losers in a free society is not the function of government. The people pick the winners and losers with their votes and pocketbooks. Government interference in a competitive free market system may win votes, but in the long-term it has a negative effect. Targeting the profits and personal income of those who work harder or put in more effort in a free unfettered capitalistic system weakens an economy — It does not strengthen it.

If you want to protect citizens maybe you should look at our institutions of higher learning, China’s monopoly of electric vehicle batteries, Big Pharma’s partnership with China and protecting our borders? Isn’t that what you promised when took your oath of office?

George Pikoulas, Butler

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