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Turkey Bowling Goes Over Big

Turkey Bowling Goes Over Big

The Butler A.M. and P.M. Rotary clubs had fun and raised funds on Wedensday by bowling in Diamond Park using frozen turkeys and a makeshift alley.

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Today's Verse

He is your praiser; he is your God, who perfromed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes, – Deuteronomy 10:21

Chuckle of the Day

The best way to look younger is to hang around with old people.

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NFL talking heads pile on disrespect for those who serve

It just won’t go away. NFL football and the disrespect of players and now announcers is in the news again.

10/22/2020 Our Opinion 0 comments

Do not bail out airlines

The urge to rescue the airlines flows from good intentions, but another bailout is not a smart way to help the economy and it will reward CEOs for serial mismanagement and self-enrichment.

10/22/2020 Other Voices 0 comments

Imagine a future nearly free of COVID

For a moment’s respite from pandemic news that can seem unrelentingly bad, cast your mind into the future — say, to November 2021. A world in suspended animation has awakened at last.

10/22/2020 Other Voices 0 comments

No election night win

The reporting done on election night 2018 offers a cautionary tale for the news media as we approach Nov. 3.

10/22/2020 Other Voices 0 comments

Can’t we finish census without partisanship?

Our nation’s Founding Fathers instituted the national census as a count of all people, an enumeration that is the basis of federal funding, the distribution of political representation among...

10/21/2020 Other Voices 0 comments