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100 Years of Life

100 Years of Life

On April 21, 1921, a doctor came to Carrie and Ralph Gilchrist's farmhouse on Harmony Hill near Harrisville to deliver what they assumed was just one baby.

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Today's Verse

Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.

Chuckle of the Day

Kids don’t hate vegetables. They just hate to eat them.

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We’ve all been saved by the outdoors

Still attending the annual Butler County Tourism and Convention Bureau celebration via Zoom, 66 advocates for county tourism celebrated a bright spot in a year of shutdowns and separations Thursday...

5/8/2021 Our Opinion 0 comments

Every president faces a major crisis

When Harold Macmillan became Britain’s prime minister in 1957, a reporter asked him what could blow his government off course. “Events, dear boy,” Macmillan replied. “Events.

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Great articles on history

I write today to comment on the articles that you have been printing in the Butler Eagle lately. The articles regarding historic local events have been so interesting.

5/8/2021 Letters to the Editor 0 comments

Cemetery not a pet bathroom

I have owned a burial plot in a cemetery just north of town for a few decades. Passing by nearly every day, I noticed many cars parked at the gated entrance after the cemetery closes.

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4 big problems with Biden’s ‘infrastructure’ plan

The Biden administration is promoting its American Jobs Plan as an “infrastructure” proposal.

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