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There’s no need to fear a ‘big-city’ drug dealer

Butler County, here is a truth so certain you can bank on it. The big-city drug dealers who come to our little town seeking their fortunes tend not to be very bright.

7/15/2019 Our Opinion 0 comments

As votes Pa., so goes the nation

While Democrats wade through a marathon of intra-party debates, the national punditocracy is increasingly asking two urgent questions about the impending 2020 presidential contest: Can President...

7/15/2019 Other Voices 0 comments

AOC and the ‘Squad’ have nothing on the Freedom Caucus

Compared with what John A. Boehner and Paul D. Ryan had to deal with, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi really is living the life of puppies and rainbows.

7/15/2019 Other Voices 0 comments

Epstein case highlights true abuse

A few years ago, I wrote a column about Malala Yousafzi, around the time that the young Pakistani activist was shot in the head by the Taliban.

7/13/2019 Other Voices 0 comments

It might be time to repeal Keystone Exams mandate

Pennsylvania Attorney General Eugene DePasquale is calling for the state to discontinue the Keystone Exams on the grounds that the tests are costly and not federally required.

7/13/2019 Other Voices 0 comments

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