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butler eagle
Site last updated: Saturday, February 25, 2017

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Cheers & Jeers ...
It's a unique sense of humor shared by Connor Cox and his mom, Terri.
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Letters to the Editor

Ugly presidency
This ugly election turned out to be the disappearing boundary between entertainment and reality.
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Immigration’s legacy
There is one issue that is in the forefront of my mind regarding politics today. How has the far right been able to convince Christians to be against foreigners and refugees?
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editorial columnist
Rich Lowry
The myth of the passive president
President Donald Trump gives the impression of having done everything in his first month in the White House — except think about Congress.
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editorial columnist
Other Voices
Some top tips for Trump taunters
To Trump supporters who are about to skip this story in disgust, you might want to read on for insight into the dark side.
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