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St. Alphonsus a treasure worth protecting

Recently, reading the Butler Eagle article titled “Butler County's second oldest Catholic church – St. Alphonsus – could reopen as community center” (March 18, Page 1) I remembered a written a letter dated October 2018 to the Eagle titled “If the Church could talk.”

The church has spoken to the minds and hearts of many through the memories of their ancestors, the church and the community, as well as through church history and stories passed on from one generation to the next through the years.

St. Alphonsus was built in 1841, when a priest would saddle a horse and ride to visit a sick person in their home. When there weren’t paved roads, electricity or a telephone in the area. When many made a living from farming, logging and working in the coal mines.

However, with all the challenges of life, the church founders felt a need for something greater than their own accomplishments. They came together with those in the community and others in the surrounding areas and created a legacy that has endured for more than 180 years.

Perhaps someday we too can stand where they once stood, walk in their footsteps and continue their legacy with a community center, bringing people together for the good of everyone.

The church is a treasure, laden with history, memories and stories of long ago.

Given the opportunity, may we strive to maintain, honorably, the keeper of the treasure for future generations.

Donnia Craig, Boyers

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