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No fan of Obama


August 14, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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I was part of a recent discussion about the current events affecting our nation. The people in the group were describing what a failure Obama and his administration have been on all fronts, both foreign and domestic. Fast and Furious, Obama Care, Benghazi, Isis, minimalizing the Constitution, selective law enforcement, and the border crisis were all topics of conversation, along with the many other failures this president and his followers have perpetrated on the American people.

I stuck my head in the noose when I said that I thought Obama was doing a wonderful job. Explaining my statement, I said that it was a matter of perspective. When Obama first ran for president he promised to fundamentally change America. A more honest statement would have been that he wanted to fundamentally destroy America.

He and his like-minded minions have done a wonderful job in that respect. They have doubled our national debt, destroyed our military, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the Middle East, stagnated and emasculated our economy, set back race relations by 50 year, overtaxed, over-regulated, destroyed public education, turned our back on allies, and opened our borders to open invasion. He has successfully pitted the non-productive against the productive citizen, blacks against whites, poor against rich, and liberals against conservatives to an unprecedented level. His policies and inaction have put America in a state of high vulnerability to all our enemies, foreign and domestic, both humans who would harm America and diseases that could decimate our population.

Like Nero, Obama fiddles (golfs) while Rome (America) burns.

Many people think Obama is just incompetent. I give him credit for being intelligent and knowing exactly what he is doing. He, his handlers, and his followers have a goal to intentionally destroy America and amazingly are carrying it out with little effective opposition.

When they’re done, America will just be another has-been World power with its population of serfs depending on Big Government largess to survive. They and he will have successfully destroyed everything our ancestors have sacrificed for and built since out nation’s inception.

We have a chance this fall to slow this slide to oblivion, maybe our last chance, If we get out and vote, and vote wisely, for the future of America and our children and grandchildren. Or we can sit at home and let events and Obama continue to destroy America. We need to vote for candidates who will follow the Constitution of the United States.

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