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Erie deserved better


March 29, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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Regarding the March 12 story “Center chairman stripped of title.”

The Center Township supervisors’ removal of Andy Erie as chairman has a definite foul stench.

The supervisors alleged Erie sold township salt to a local business without board approval.

In the Eagle article, Public Works Director Mark Lauer said he had contacted a representative from PennDOT regarding the sale of salt and was told “under no circumstances should the township sell their salt.” Why did Lauer then ask Erie’s permission to sell the salt after being advised not to sell it?

In the article, Supervisors Edward Latuska and Kenneth Frenchak Jr. said the board must operate as a board, not as individuals, and follow the mechanics.

Where were Latuska, Frenchak and Supervisor Philip Wulff’s protests when the following occurred without board approval?

Several years ago, my husband and I witnessed two township contractors removing road milling from township property. For two days, the contractors removed truckloads of the milling using the township loader without board approval. Lauer was on the site. When I reported it to the supervisors they quickly sent a bill to just one of the contractors. This is known as “cover your butt.”

Lauer and former supervisor Tom Scheibel hired three part-time men for the road crew without prior board approval. The men were actually working on the road crew prior to board approval. The board did not advertise the positions, nor did the men submit applications. Once again, Latuska, Frenchak and Wulff were silent.

Former supervisor Ronald Flatt, during his time as chairman, made many decisions without board approval.

What evidence did the board have that Erie approved the sale of the salt other than Lauer’s word? Quite frankly, that is not good enough for me.

Erie defeated me several years ago in an election for township supervisor. At first I did not think Erie would make a very good supervisor. I was wrong. During his terms in office, Erie has been a full-time supervisor. During the day he is the only supervisor you can contact. There is not one supervisor who has worked harder or cared more about the township and its residents than Erie.

Stripping Erie of his chairmanship reeks of setup.

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