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Mason Martin overcoming infection in hospital

Mason Martin
Mason Martin

Injured Karns City Area Jr./Sr. High School quarterback Mason Martin spent the past week battling through an infection while awaiting further surgeries at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Denny Martin, Mason’s father, shared an update on Mason’s medical condition on his Facebook page Monday, Nov. 27.

Martin said his son has tested negative for infections for “about a week.” This news comes just over a week after Mason tested positive for an undisclosed infection.

Mason is awaiting surgery for the removal and replacement of a shunt in his brain. The surgery is scheduled for Thursday.

“The infectious disease department wants him to be negative for 10 days before he receives a new shunt,” Martin said.

Earlier this month, Mason tested positive for meningitis. This caused him to be moved from Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, where he had begun rehabilitation from cranial flap surgery, back to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.

Mason is recovering from injuries he suffered during the football game Sept. 1. He collapsed during the third quarter of Karns City’s game against Redbank Valley and was diagnosed with a brain bleed and collapsed lung.

Martin expressed hope that Mason would not befall any additional setbacks and that he could begin rehabilitation for his injuries as soon as possible.

“Mason still needs full assistance and care that is provided in the ICU. However, the ICU is not a rehab center, and a rehab center is not staffed and equipped like an ICU,” Martin said. “The perfect place of 24/7 ICU care and rehabilitation does not seem to exist. So we wait for this sweet spot of perfect health that has eluded him thus far.”

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