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Changing Pathways to Recovery
Warden Beau Sneddon said he was aware of the struggles Butler County Prison inmates face when they are released, but recently he saw firsthand the challenges that come po...
March 23, 2024 Special Sections
When learning about the Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative, Butler County’s district attorney Richard Goldinger and his counterpart in Armstrong County, Katie Charlton,...
March 20, 2024 Special Sections
Despite the growing number of states that have legalized recreational marijuana, county leaders and residents are torn on whether the substance should be available to adu...
March 16, 2024 Special Sections
This article is shared in its entirety as part of a conversation on addiction and pathways to recovery in our community. To read more from Changing Pathways to Recove...
March 12, 2024 Special Sections
Joshua Bobby, of Butler, was once sober for seven years, then he drank again. Another time, he was sober for two years before drinking again. Bobby and his sister Julie H...
March 09, 2024 Local News
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