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Duck Dash set Saturday at the Bantam Jeep Festival

Participants in the Duck Dash cheer on their ducks at the 2022 Bantam Jeep Festival. This year’s event will be Saturday, June 10, at Cooper’s Lake Campground in Worth Township. Submitted photo

Butler County continues its own rubber duck tradition by making splash with the Duck Dash.

The annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival will be hosting the Duck Dash at 6 p.m. Saturday, June 10, at Cooper’s Lake Campground in Worth Township.

Patti Jo Lambert, festival organizer and Duck Dash coordinator, said that the event is a great way to promote the festival and spread kindness.

Participants can purchase a rubber duck for $5, which will then be used to race down a waterslide on the hill at Cooper’s Lake. The first-, second- and third-place winners of the race will receive $300, $200 and $100 respectively.

Proceeds from duck purchases will benefit two nonprofit organizations, Butler Outdoor Club and Knights of Columbus.

A second Duck Dash held by BF Goodrich will follow.

For this event, participants, who take their Bantam ducks to the BF Goodrich booth before the 6 p.m. race, will qualify to purchase one or more of BFG ducks for $10 each. The winner of the second dash will receive a gift certificate for a set of BF Goodrich tires worth up to $2,500. The gift certificate can be redeemed via the BF Goodrich website.

Patti Jo Lambert, organizer of the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival, coordinates the annual Duck Dash, which is set at 6 p.m. Saturday, June 10, at Cooper’s Lake Campgrounds in Worth Township. File photo

Lambert said she was inspired to create the Duck Dash by #duckduckjeep, a tradition founded by Canadian resident Allison Parliament. To cheer herself up from a bad day, Parliament placed a rubber duck with a kind message written on it on a stranger’s Jeep. She made a post about this on social media that went viral and kick-started a tradition of placing rubber ducks on peoples’ Jeeps, with compliments written for the owners.

“Ducking” has now become widely popular among Jeep enthusiasts, and has brought smiles to the faces of countless Jeep owners.

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