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Vaccinations encouraged on state level

The state Departments of Aging and the State Department of Health stressed the importance of older adults getting their immunizations, particularly with the cold and flu season approaching and COVID-19's remaining threat at a vaccine and booster clinic today.

“We encourage older adults to stay up to date on their immunizations, particularly the COVID-19 booster. Both the flu and COVID-19 booster vaccines are available at many locations in local communities, including pharmacies, health care providers, or clinics like this one at the West Oak Lane Senior Center. This easy access to immunizations is a great way to get both of these important vaccinations and have peace of mind as we approach colder weather,” said Robert Torres, secretary of aging.

Torres emphasized the importance for older adults, especially people with chronic health conditions like diabetes, asthma, or heart disease, to stay up to date on vaccinations and learn which vaccines are covered by health care insurance.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that it is safe to get the flu and COVID-19 vaccines at the same time.

“With the upcoming holidays and more gatherings indoors, we encourage eligible older adults to receive the flu and COVID-19 booster at the same time to stay safe and to keep each other protected from severe illness,” said Dr. Denise Johnson, acting secretary of health and Pennsylvania physician general.

To find a COVID-19 vaccine provider, visit Older adults are encouraged to contact their local Area Agency on Aging to ask if any vaccination clinics are being conducted in their area.

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