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Summer is the time of the year to be extra vigilant about protecting your skin from the itchy and painful menace of solar erythema — a.k.a., sunburns. While they may seem...
July 17, 2024 Special Sections
A study recently released in the New England Journal of Medicine may forever alter our relationship with the peanut. NEJM Evidence, an offshoot of the eminent science jou...
July 17, 2024 Special Sections
COVID-19 is going around again this summer, with infections rising across the country. The good news is that the most common variants circulating in the country — KP. 3, ...
July 17, 2024 Special Sections
When it comes to melons, which one is your favorite? Whether it’s cantaloupe, honeydew or watermelon, these summertime favorites contain some sweet health benefits. Canta...
July 17, 2024 Special Sections
For children, summer can revolve around playgrounds, pools, bikes and just being outside. For parents, it can mean a litany of ouchies to take care of — including scrapes...
July 17, 2024 Special Sections
Charity also part of the ‘70 at 70’ challenge
July 17, 2024 Local News
As a new study indicates, cardiovascular disease is on the rise, but an Allegheny Health Network doctor says Butler County residents can take steps to reduce the risks ...
July 17, 2024 Health
Twice each month, executives at the dating app company Hinge gather for a team meeting. But rather than dive into discussions about metrics or revenue, they begin by simp...
July 17, 2024 Special Sections
How they interconnect, especially for women
July 17, 2024 Special Sections
When Michael Natividad learned to ride a bike at 7 or 8 years old, he knew his training wheels were ready to come off when he leaned on them while zipping around corners....
July 17, 2024 Special Sections
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