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Places to play pickleball in Butler County this summer

Pickleball players use the courts at Adams Township Community Park on Tuesday April 23, 2024. Justin Guido/Special to the Eagle

Over the past few years, the sport of pickleball has grown at a frightening rate in the United States. According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America, with an increase in participation of 51.8% between 2022 and 2023, and a 223.5% increase since 2020.

As such, demand for spaces to play pickleball has outstripped the amount of facilities that currently exist and are being built across the country. Across Butler County, places to play include both outdoor and indoor courts.

“I go to Graham Park for most of my pickleball play,” said pickleball enthusiast Eric Mosso, of Adams Township.

He said that there are some restrictions around playing at that location, but at specific times, the courts are open to people like himself.

“You mostly have to be a member to play there, but they do have nonmember play time,” he said.

According to Pickleheads — USA Pickleball’s official court finder — there are currently 10 pickleball facilities within Butler County, which offer a combined 44 courts for play, although some of these are temporary courts located within indoor spaces that aren’t available on a 24/7 basis.

Five pickleball facilities are located within the immediate Butler area.

Three courts are located at the Butler YMCA, three are at Butler Township Park, four are at Ritts Park, one is at Butler Memorial Park, and three more are at Institute Hill Playground.

The Butler YMCA’s pickleball program is located inside the gymnasium, and games are played on the wooden basketball surface, which can fit three pickleball courts.

The southwest part of Butler County features five pickleball facilities. Cranberry Township is home to two, at the Cranberry Township Municipal Building and at Graham Park — the latter of which features 19 courts. The courts at Graham Park are under the purview of the Cranberry Township Pickleball Association.

The municipal building occasionally hosts pickleball in its gymnasium, mainly during the fall and winter months, and can fit two courts.

The Cranberry Township Community Park on Ernie Mashuda Drive will soon receive two pickleball courts of its own, which are scheduled to open by 2025.

Not far away, pickleball enthusiasts can also find games to play at the four courts in Adams Township Community Park, the two courts in Middlesex Township Community Park and the three courts in Lakevue Athletic Club in Valencia.

Peter Hippert, black shirt, playing alongside Austin Frameli, serves to Dan Harshman in an advanced bracket match during the first annual Gaiser Center Pickleball Tournament at Butler Township Park. William Pitts/Butler Eagle

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