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Seneca Valley approves grant applications

JACKSON TWP — Board directors at Seneca Valley School District approved applications for three grants at a meeting Monday, April 15, including a $7,500 grant for the movement studio at Ehrman Crest Elementary/Middle School, $7,500 grant to purchase snacks for the district’s extended day kindergarten program and $3,500 for middle school track and field uniforms.

If awarded, the funds for the movement studio would be used to purchase equipment that would likely be implemented in the fall, said Sean McCarty, assistant superintendent of elementary education.

McCarty said the “wide-open space” allows children to practice motor skills outside of gym class.

“It engages them, you know, in different ways that are more physical rather than just all academic,” he said after the meeting.

“We’ll sometimes run (physical education) courses in there, classroom teachers will take their kids in to do movement activities,” McCarty said. “These are just going to be some supportive types of equipment that the kids can utilize.”

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