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Summit Township looking to get cameras installed

Areas of Summit Township like Herman Road have a problem with people littering, so supervisors voted at a meeting Wednesday, Feb. 21, to apply for a grant through Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.

Willie Adams, Summit Township supervisor chairman, said Thursday supervisors hope to have cameras installed in parts of the township where dumping is prevalent, to catch and discourage litterers.

“What prompted it is there are areas that are getting dumped on,” Adams said. “What we're applying for is a grant that supplies us with cameras so we can catch people.”

Illegal dumping has been a topic of discussion at Summit Township supervisors meetings for months, with portions of Herman Road being littered with debris. Adams said if the township is approved for the grant, the supervisors plan to install cameras on certain township roads for a few months to curb littering.

No solicitation

Another topic of discussion among the supervisors is solicitation, which is not permitted in Summit Township. Adams said the supervisors talked Wednesday about getting signs alerting people that it is not allowed in the township, because there are none currently posted.

“No action was taken on that last night,” Adams said. “The signs, we got prices and one was like just shy of $60.”

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