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Chair mishap sends Madonna tumbling during Seattle concert


A dancer in Madonna’s Celebration Tour fell while dragging the star in a chair mid-concert in Seattle on Sunday, sending the chair and the pop goddess tumbling to the floor.

Madonna, 65, didn’t miss a note or a beat. Landing on her back, she quickly flipped onto her stomach, singing all the while, and finished belting out her line in “Open Your Heart to Me.” She then giggled and leaped to her feet, declining offers of assistance.

In video posted on social media, Madonna was seen sitting in the chair as the dancer tilted it back and dragged it across the stage. He apparently lost his grip, though, falling and landing with the chair almost on top of him, with Madonna practically on top of both.

The dancer pranced out of the frame. By the end of the song a couple minutes later, all seemed to be going according to choreographed plan.

Madonna is out on the road for her Celebration Tour, which was delayed by her hospitalization for a severe bacterial infection last June. In July, she reemerged and said her health was her focus but vowed to go on tour when she was well. It had originally been slated to start in Vancouver on July 15 but began instead with its European leg in October, kicking off in London.

During the ordeal, she spent 48 hours in a medically induced coma and nearly died, she told fans at Barclay’s Center in December.

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