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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from Jan. 15 to 19:

Adams Township

Jack and Billie Carson to Jack and Billie Carson, trustees, at 1105 Eleanor Place for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $632,733.20).

Far View Farms Development to NVR at 561 Blackrock Blvd. for $139,150.

Janet Ford to Janet Ford and Jennifer Blystone at 104 Erbes Lane for $1.

Olga Dragunsky to Russell and Samantha Wanke at 806 Strasburg Drive for $385,000.

Michael Winterhalter, trustee, to Debra and Michael DeCourcy at 1103 Shinnecock Court for $587,500.


Nikki Stewart to Kelly Sutter at 516 Eau Claire St. for $120,000.

Amy Miller to Kristopher Brooks at 311 Mitchell Ave. for $80,000.

MCM PA Group to Broadhead Management at 216 Fairview Ave. for $205,000.

Daniel and Jessica Michel to Chad and Christine Filges at 242 Whippo Ave. for $166,000.

Lisa Valorie to Shawnrgray LLC at 327 Cunningham St. for $15,000.

BDale Group to Anthony Bertoluzzi and Kiana Green at 625 McKean St. for $330,000.

Butler Township

Victor and Wanda Drobezko to Victoria and Eric Jolly at 536 Whitestown Road for $1.

Victor and Wanda Drobezko to Denise Fisher at 526 Whitestown Road for $1.

Victor and Wanda Drobezko to Michele and John Costa at 528 Whitestown Road for $1.

Tina Barthlow, trustee, to Arianna and Collin Lindberg at 206 Thornwood Drive for $360,000.

Helen Jurysta to Joshua and Marissa Surkosky at 209 Havenhill Drive for $286,900.

Mary Ann Weimer to Mary Ann Weimer, trustee, at 400 Stoneridge Blvd. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $293,604.20).

NVR to Tyler and Caroline Roudybush at 102 Walk Off Way for $362,255.

NVR to Jesse and Harlie Richards at 120 Jerome Drive for $333,855.

Richard and Anzella Kelley to Jonathan and Brandy Kelley at Arlington Ave. for $1.

Veronica McParlane to Garret and Amanda Rankin at 504 Whitestown Road for $239,500.

Center Township

Kenneth Bedford to Kenneth and Dawn Bedford at 105 Fairway Drive for $1.

Clay Township

Kenneth Sybert to Stephanie Lawhead at Route 308 for $141,500.

Clinton Township

William McIntyre to 134 Three Degree Road at 225 Monks Road for $300,000.

Sheila Graham to David Graham at Deer Creek Road for $1.

Connoquenessing Township

Nathan Bacher et al. to Community Care Connections at 708 Whitestown Road for $580,000.

Northcor Development to Corey and Erica Savannah at unknown address for $134,900.

Cranberry Township

NVR to Kelli and Ian Lauer at 472 Nolan Circle for $403,205.

Pikewood Land Partners to Evan and Emily Kowalski at 119 Sequoia Lane for $224,000.

Charter Homes at Crescent to Kenneth and Laura Broadbent at 237 Limehouse Road for $529,645.

Charter Homes at Crescent to Kyle and Yvonne English at 227 Limehouse Road for $568,640.

Rochester Road Investment to Brian and Abigail Gongaware at 517 Beneficial Drive for $605,985.

NVR to Kristy Carson at 474 Nolan Circle for $421,045.

Theodore Kerr to Pascarella Investments at 7428 Franklin Road for $200,000.

Joseph and Lisa Walko to Ryan and Shae McLane at 101 Valleyview Drive for $325,000.

James Barry Jr. to Joslyn and Joseph Greco at 453 Monmouth Drive for $375,000.

Benjamin and Danielle Hewitt to Christopher Pell at 202 Wyndmere Drive for $315,900.

Donegal Township

Shane and Kylee Bell to Conner Schaffner at 321 and 325 Donaldson Road for $140,000.

Fairview Township

Michael and Sandra Sybert to Dean and Stephanie Snow at Hooker Road for $1.


Julia Brown to Samuel Sepe at 433 E. New Castle St. for $243,300.

Jackson Township

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 260 for $105,000.

DRB Group Mid-Atlantic to Kevin Wade and Nicole Wade at 235 Truth Circle for $357,087.

JTC 1422 Associates to DRB Group Mid-Atlantic at Truth Circle for $438,000.

Jefferson Township

Rolland and Diane Kirkland to Kirkland Irrevocable Grantor Trust at 1056 Saxonburg Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $169,026.20).

Lancaster Township

Creative Real Estate Development to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lots 519 and 523 for $214,696.

Donna Hall to Matthew Phillips and Sarah White at 607 Perry Highway for $445,000.

Edwin and Cynthia Eckstein to Karen Phillips at 134 Eckstein Lane for $700,000.

Middlesex Township

Eric and Cynthia Brueckner to Garret Beacom at 220 Kilgallen Road for $360,000.

Gregory Savage to Jacob Schultz at 197 State Road for $575,000.

Forsythe Fields to NVR at Fieldstone Ridge Lot 221 for $176,500.

Parker Township

Scott and Lesa Grazier to Sarah Zanetti and Dustin Robinson at 150 School St. for $95,000.

Slippery Rock

Ilias and Bethann Tsiris to T.D. Property Investment at 348 S. Main St. for $210,000.

Slippery Rock Township

Carol and Gregory Snyder to Jeffrey and Mandy Corbett at Pink Road for $1.

West Liberty

Daniel McDeavitt to Brian and Valerie Overly at West Liberty Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $140,265.60).

Winfield Township

Virgil Cypher to Audrey and Mark Tristani at 366 Jones Road for $84,280.


Michael Weiner, successor trustee, to Pennsylvania Postal Holdings at 249 S. Main St. for $465,000.

Kathleen and Brendan Dusette to Leslie and Glenn Lawton at 19 Zelie Drive for $395,000.

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