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A message from the president and chief executive officer of Lifesteps

Karen Sue Owens
Karen Sue Owens

Dear Friends,

This year, 2023, commemorates the incredible milestone of 100 years of unwavering dedication and service that the organization has provided … Through the Years. For a century, the organization has helped individuals and families along life’s journey by providing programs and services that improve their quality of life.

In 1923, Rotarians formed a Children’s Committee which was the framework for what would eventually become Lifesteps. Our history began with serving children with disabilities and their families, along with a rich history of not only helping children but also adults and seniors; Generations of Care, along life’s journey.

Through the years, the organization has evolved and adapted to the changing needs of our communities. In fact, Lifesteps first Guiding Principal is, “Our programs and services will respond to present and emerging community needs.”

Now, in 2023, we are not just a committee, a society, or an agency, but an organization (Lifesteps and our subsidiaries, accessAbilities and All Abilities) that continues to serve our communities with over 40 programs and services throughout Western Pennsylvania.

Through my 36 years with the agency, there have been many changes, challenges, accomplishments, and success stories, but what stands out most are the amazing people.

The heart of Lifesteps is all of you — people who embody compassion, service, and care. People who are selfless with their time, expertise, and commitment to Lifesteps vision to, “Improve the quality of life for members of our communities.”

Whether you benefited from services or supported the organization as a board volunteer, a staff member, donor, family, vendor, business, volunteer, funder, foundation, or supported in any other way, you are the history, you are the organization, you are who we are celebrating!

I, myself, am honored to be a part of serving others and want to truly thank all the individuals and families who have trusted, and continue to trust, Lifesteps to serve themselves or their loved ones. Thanks to all those past, present and future who come together alongside Lifesteps to serve. You are all appreciated, and a key factor in Lifesteps longevity and sustainability in an ever-changing world.

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who has been a part of Lifesteps remarkable 100 year history through the years, and we look forward to a bright future of continued commitment helping and serving others!

With gratitude,

Karen Sue Owens

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