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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from Aug. 7 to 11:

Adams Township

Norma Fedak to Adam and Nicole Tronzo at 131 Valleybrook Road for $508,275.

Chang Chen to Sundaralingham Srinivasan and Priyanka Sundaralingham at 312 Village Drive for $488,000.

Ryan and Ashley Eldridge to Andrew and Jaimie Johnson at 106 Granite Ridge Drive for $559,900.

David and Lori Minnis and Carol Minnis to Benjamin Rieling at 463 Myoma Road for $625,000.

NVR to Dustin Deitman and Bridgett Jewell at 332 Crest Lane for 663,335.

David and Amy Panneton to David and Amy Panneton Revocable Trust Agreement at 233 Longbow Lane for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $926,029.80).

Carol Grady to Jack Grady and Alan Grady, co-trustees, at 1373 Mars Evans City Road for $1.

Buffalo Township

Maryellen Bale to John Simmons at 239 Ekastown Road for $235,000.

F and H Property Development to Maronda Homes at Oak Creek Farms Lot 133 for $89,800.

R & W Estates to NVR at R & W Estates Lot 101R for $61,000.


Sharon Hiner and Joseph Herring to Sharon Hiner, Joseph Herring and Sophia Herring at 310 Fairview Ave. for $1.

The Lighthouse Foundation to TTG Homes at 122 W. New Castle St. for $151,122.

Tiffany and Mark Kimmel to Henry Bachmann at 120 Goldwood Ave. for $129,900.

Butler Township

AFE & Allman Land Group to NVR at Highfield Trails Lots 127 and 128 for $148,600.

Center Township

Kevin and Joni Nocera to Stephen and Lynnae Niedenberger at 287 Holyoke Road for $385,000.

Robert Brown to Gary Brown at 201 Mahood Road for $1.

Cherry Township

Samuel Grossman to Samuel and Tiffany Grossman at 160 Moniteau Road for $1.

Doris Grossman to Samuel and Tiffany Grossman at 150 Moniteau Road for $1.

Allegheny Valley School to Nicholas Denniston and Briana Fielding at 151 Pry Road for $300,000.

Connoquenessing Township

Ann Gray to Tracy Cunningham at 2071 Winchester Court for $1.

Cranberry Township

Donald and Jarmilla Warhola to Todd and Laura Clouser at 804 Cavan Drive for $605,000.

NVR to Jillann and Richard Bushee III at 315 Caledonia Place for $326,175.

Glenn and Mahtab Baumgartner to National Residential Nominee Services at 133 Woodbine Drive for $465,500.

Deborah Menotte, trustee, to Jennifer Gagnon at 216 Eagle Drive for $340,000.

Matthew and Deborah Curran to Terry Hood at 509 Palmate Drive for $882,500.

Robert Gillenberger Jr. to William Larrow at 203 Whitetail Ridge for $265,000.

Richard and Nellie Luther to Garrett Favier and Casey Parrish at 116 Hunter Drive for $507,116.

Christopher and Diana Swartz to BGRS Relocation at 601 Heritage Place for $655,000.

NVR to Sawyer Kipp and Rachel Maley at 313 Caledonia Place for $332,135.

David and Christine Dunn to National Residential Nominee Services at 204 Meryton Lane for $1,315,000.

Yue Zhang to Frank and Faye Liebro at 410 Suncrest Drive for $295,000.

East Butler

Thomas and Sheila Powers to Anthony and Katie Spare at 1015 Broadway Ave for $168,000.

Evans City

Leah Mraz and Adam Windisch to Jessica Graham and Derek Beyer at 246 Elizabeth Ave. for $184,000.

Fairview Township

John Bowser to Steven Rider at Cherry Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $12,150.20).

Forward Township

Forward Association to Maronda Homes at Hidden Acres Lot 227 for $80,000.


Caroline Haag to Lori Hilliard at 320 E. Mercer St. for $80,000.

Jackson Township

Maronda Homes to Albert and Amelia DeMarco at 265 Rylie Drive for $456,305.

Steven and Shannon Luther to Miranda and Olaniyan Samba at 204 Gregg Drive for $405,000.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 273 for $98,595.

NVR to Daniel and Rebecca Lob at 442 Sarjean Way for $509,770.

Trails at Harmony Junction to Maronda Homes at 258 Rylie Drive for $175,000.60.

NVR to Derek and Jessica Toadvine at 155 Woodsman Ridge for $502,035.

Joanne Ray and Edward Majors, co-trustees, to Cora Ray at 116 Edward Drive for $355,000.

Joseph Hahn to Joseph and Noel Hahn at 367 Ridge Road for $1.

Georgia Berner to Wils Cooley IV at 185 Lutz Road for $1,000.

Lancaster Township

Ronald and Sandra Saunders to Ronald and Sandra Saunders, trustees, at 115 Belles Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $896,038.80).

Miranda and Olaniyan Samba and Sharan Wilbum to Timothy and Stacey O’Donnell at 210 Salt Works Road for $798,000.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lot 332 for $87,000.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lot 229 for $86,935.50.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lot 313 for $107,348.

NVR to Brandon and Shelly McGlothlin at 424 Fosse Court for $450,885.

NVR to Levi and Grace Keller at 325 Arden Drive for $359,500.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lot 231 for $86,935.50.

NVR to Jeffrey Bennett II and Ashley Labeka at 210 Arden Drive for $406,950.

NVR to Todd and Gina Orkwis at 214 Arden Drive for $429,100.


Carol Grady to Jack Grady and Alan Grady, co-trustees, at 113 Grand Ave. for $1.

Mercer Township

Joyce C. Joyce to Ryan and Jaclyn Parton at 165 Sutherland Road for $60,000.

Joshua Apel to Cassidy Russell and Sarah Cheyene Ditzenberger at 121 Campground Road for $182,000.

Middlesex Township

Alice Gantzer to Vincent and Katie Veneziano at 305 Brownshill Road for $465,000.

Beaver County Properties to Cassie Clark at 110 Keithwood Drive for $275,000.

NVR to Erica and Charles Burg Jr. at 2016 Lily Drive for $869,115.

Rebecca Beck, trustee, to Eric Beck and Rebecca Beck, trustees, at 438 Leslie Road for $1.

NVR to Ryan and Shannon Smith at 4049 Cross Creek Circle for $783,908.

Forsythe Fields to NVR at Fieldstone Ridge Lot 243 for $176,500.

Penn Township

William Sloan Jr. to John and Michele Craver at 230 Dodds Road for $470,000.


Joseph Anderson and William Weller to Philip and Haylie Michaels at 125 Fenster Lane for $340,500.

Seven Fields

Jaimee and Andrew Johnson to Alexander Nasiadka at 212 Hillvue Drive for $337,500.

Slippery Rock

John Howard to Kevin Donnenwirth and Jeanne Martin at 104 White Oak Drive for $650,000.


Lee and Peggy LaVelle to Lee and Peggy LaVelle and Jillian Natale at 50 Marion Drive for $1.

Jessica and Matthew Schuman to Jennifer and Timothy Van Tassell at 211 Hillside Drive for $305,900.

David and Carol Goetschius to Kyle Hamilton and Julia Langer at 210 Dominican Way for $232,500.

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