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Butler Farm Show Results: Youth Photography


Ages 6 & Under:

Animals/Farm, Pets, Zuriel Samuel, Butler

Down on the Farm, Naomi Rader, Mercer

Portrait, Naomi Rader, Mercer

People, Joella Michel, Grove City

Scenic/Scapes, Waylon McGinley, Butler

Ages 7 - 12:

Animals/Farm, Pets, Maverick Geibel, Fenelton

Buildings, Emmalyn Schaffner, Butler

Down on the Farm, Levi Hoffer, Evans City

Nature, Drew Tritch, Butler

Portrait, Reagan Rader, Butler

People, Brooke Tritch, Butler

Scenic/Scapes, Addyson Hoffer, Chicora; and Nolan Thurber, Fenelton

Sports/Action, Mallory Fritz, New Castle; and Brandon Wallace, Chicora

Other, Brooke Tritch, Butler; and Brandon Wallace, Chicora

Ages 13 - 18:

Animals/Farm, Pets, Emily Hoffer, Chicora

Animals/Wildlife, Rachel Katsko, Fenelton; and Jessica Ranko, Butler

Buildings, Lily Ruby, Valencia

Down on the Farm, Lily Ruby, Valencia

Nature, Sophie Czifra, Butler

Portrait, Morgan Teets, Slippery Rock

People, Sophie Czifra, Butler

Scenic/Scapes, Caylee Schoentag, Butler

Sports/Action, Lily Ruby, Valencia

Other, Sophie Czifra, Butler

B&W - All Ages

Animals/Farm, Pets, Naomi Rader, Mercer

Animals/Wildlife, Drew Tritch, Butler

Buildings, Josie Caseio, Saxonburg

Down On The Farm, Reagan Rader, Butler

Nature, Emily Rathbun, Slippery Rock

Portrait, Brooke Tritch, Butler

People, Addison Fleeger, Slippery Rock

Scenic/Scapes, Lily Ruby, Valencia

Sports/Action, Lily Ruby, Valencia

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