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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from July 24 to 31:

Adams Township

NVR to Chad and Danielle Hein at 115 Lupine Drive for $373,015.

NVR to Emily and Kyle Savage at 414 Scharberry Lane for $370,945.

Glenn Jeffries to Michael Capizzi at 3103 Ambassador Lane for $372,500.

RM Nelson Properties to Franklin Real Estate Development II at 530 Route 228 for $775,000.

Meghan and John Holl III to Eric Hudanik and Brooke Wilson at 118 Southern Valley Court for $290,000.

David and Karlyn Boguslawski to Karen and Joseph Trainor Sr. at 228 Gabriel Drive for $872,000.

NVR to Hari Thirusangu and Esaimozhi Somasundaram at 117 Lupine Drive for $376,380.

Joseph and Janette Chioda to Adam Blecher at 131 Broadstone Drive for $549,900.

NVR to Tara and Nicholas McCloskey at 334 Crest Lane for $702,100.

NVR to Lacey Clause and James Shutt at 119 Lupine Drive for $361,637.

Jeremy and Vanessa Mercer to David and Karlyn Boguslawski at 200 Longbow Lane for $1,100,000.

Matthew and Rebecca Coldiron to Clark Brown and Maureen Hammill at 210 Shadow Rock Lane for $560,000.

Brennan Group to Jeremy and Vanessa Mercer at 220 Noble Circle for $585,659.

Anthony Custom Homes to Frank and Dina Spagnolo at 107 Camp Trees Road for $45,000.

Joseph Geiger Jr. to Alex and Mallory Whisler at 280 Ridge Road for $431,000.

Allegheny Township

Gary and Eleanor Roth to Dylan Cyphert and Taylor Nonnenberg at 101 Shawnee Drive for $300,000.

Charles Burroway Jr. and John Willis to Nathan and Elizabeth Moffitt at 127 Shawnee Drive for $87,000.

Brady Township

Jesse Allen Jr. to Matthew Radlbeck and Courtney McElravey at 185 Turk Road for $325,000.

Buffalo Township

Phyllis Bobeck to Jessica and John Duffey III at 106 Crescent Hill Drive for $319,000.

Andrew and Chloe McConnell to Kyle and Elizabeth Dudley at 595 Sterling Drive for $32,000.

Charles Twait to Ryan and Madalyn Kalmar at 107 Briarwood Drive for $420,000.

Jordan and Amanda Damko-Grinnell to Derek and Sara Pugliese at 103 Twin Oaks Drive for $370,000.

Timothy O’Connor to David Basseti and Thomas Basseti at Doyle Farms Lot 16A for $35,000.


Albert and Rita Gray to Ryan and Rebecca Richardson at 234 Patterson Ave. for $120,000.

Nathan and Diane Augustine to Joshua and Callie Rogerson at West Penn Street for $102,100.

John and Gail Walchesky to James Collins at 215 Oak St. for $150,000.

Travis and Rachel Craig to John and Maureen Mossman at 221 S. Church St. for $55,000.

Robert Brehm to Spencer Haver at 229 N. McKean St. for $250,000.

Anne Mook to Justin Hartman at 110 Wyoma Ave. for $185,400.

Butler Township

David and Cynthia Savage to David and Cynthia Savage, trustees, at 98 Weir Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $378,048).

David and Cynthia Savage to David and Cynthia Savage, trustees, at 213 Shady Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $81,241.60).

AFE and Allman Land Group to NVR at Highfield Trails Lots 136 and 140 for $148,600.

Linda Lewis to Linda and David Lewis at 118 N. Boundary St. for $1.

John and Terri Erkens to Raylene and Justin Petsinger at 135 W. Rockstein Ave. for $10,000.

Nghi Li and Lanh Ho to Melanie Schultz and Cody Duncan at 203 Woodbury Drive for $265,000.

Deborah Wasylyk to Lloyd Eagel at 107 Beverly Road for $100,000.

D.R. Horton to Robert and Carmen Folino at 117 Winterwood Drive for $369,990.

Jonathan Walborn to Kenneth and Merry Lehman at 202 E. Rockstein Ave. for $190,000.

Center Township

Susan and Robert Coneybeer to Jonathan and Wendy Raviotta at 1305 N. Main St. for $380,000.

Frank and Dawn Younker to Chad and Ashley Dillon at 409 Beechwood Blvd. for $390,000.

Conrad Rentals to David Miller at 526 Sunset Drive for $210,000.

Lois Matesich to Edward and Susan Wise at 118 Blossom Drive for $335,000.

Cherry Township

Gregg Hart et al. to Sean Hart at Coaltown Road for $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $36,143).

Clay Township

Thelma Ford to Lillian and James Meyers Sr. at 1006 Euclid School Road for $165,000.

Daniel and Margaret Harrington to Connor and Ashley Harrington at 204 Hall Road for $249,000.

Concord Township

Eileen Gavinski to Jason and Kathryn Gavinski at 241 Stephanie Road for $1.


Debra and Christopher Hinchberger and David Melder to Troy and Nancy Kroll at 105 Drushel Drive for $290,501.

Connoquenessing Township

Lezzer Martin to T. Hartley Construction at Shannon Mills Drive for $37,500.

Vic Morrone, trustee, to Christopher and Debra Hinchberger at 1031 Silver Oak Drive for $340,000.

Joane Leitholf to Anthony and Tarah Chiapinni at 145 Moose Road for $250,000.

Cranberry Township

Henri-Alexandre and Edithanne Lauer to Kathy and John Kocherz at at 130 Village Drive for $479,000.

Pikewood Land Partners to Matthew Shack at Cypress Lane for $125,000.

Judith Wentzel to Rachel Willoughby at 861 Sunset Circle for $287,000.

John Krupa to Christian and Jessica Bonicky at 142 Fox Run Road for $300,142

Darren and Nicole Neuschwander to Phuong Bui at 131 Windsor Court for $450,000.

MR1422 to NVR at Park Place Revised for $547,169.

Nathan and Sheri Sturm to Carly and Joseph Ference at 425 Canterbury Trail for $576,500.

Benjamin Marcus Homes to Matthew and Deborah Curran at 213 Falcon Lane for $1,757,785.

Trevor and Linda Curtis to Eric and Margaret Katz at 139 Aberdeen Drive for $566,039.

Dorothy Barker and Kelly and John Barker to Duane Brucker and Michele Baynes at 31 Ashford Drive for $240,000.

NVR to Tracy Lindic at 319 Caledonia Place for $336,180.

Don and Amy Hilbelink to Gregory Chapman and Moncel Logan-Dietz at 439 Roebling Court for $480,000.

Natalya Dragunsky, trustee, to Charles Young Jr. and Valerie Kellar at 283 Jefferson Lane for $560,000.

Donegal Township

Vincent and Kathleen Ritzert to Hunter Dittman at 436 E. Slippery Rock Road for $225,000.

East Butler

AABBCDE Trustee 17 to Kiley Codispot and Shawn Codispot at 103 Old Grant Ave. for $119,900.

Kiley Codispot and Shawn Codispot to Kenneth and Sue Seaton at 103 Old Grant Ave. for $120,000.

Kenneth and Sue Seaton to Gary Vankirk and Caitlyn Zuccher at 1105 Madison Ave. for $160,000.

Jill Shanor and Brian Shearer to Darren Rikal at 612 Madison Ave. for $185,000.

Braden and Kristen Wirtz to Justin Keene at 1010 Grant Ave. for $149,000.

Evans City

Marlene Domhoff to Jason and Annette Huffman at 406 Belle St. for $275,000.

Fairview Township

Patricia Leech to Kimberly Snyder at 206 Fairmont Road for $1.

Forward Township

J. Richard and Dolores Baron to Andrew Jung at 648 Brownsdale Road for $455,000.

Patrick and Sara Rutledge to Cody Pletz and Kelly Finnegan at Stuckey Road for $460,000.

Ronald Dodd Jr. to Ray and Tammy Heginbotham at unknown address for $95,000.

Jackson Township

NVR to Kristen Hoesch and Jaime Dillen-Seibel at 455 Sarjean Way for $537,175.

NVR to Jonathan and Melissa Shuffler at 445 Sarjean Way for $574,535.

NVR to Brandon and Jenna Cook at 156 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $537,293.

Trails at Harmony Junction to Maronda Homes at 130 Spencer Court for $87,500.

DRB Group Mid-Atlantic to Allison Bartee and Justin Eagan at 103 Union Way for $332,389.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 287 for $98,595.

George and Grace Fickley Jr. to Kaileigh Dorrier at 208 Hartzell Road for $213,000.

Jefferson Township

Dena Fend to Benjamin Dennis and Michaela Curfman at 506 Bullcreek Road for $180,000.

Lancaster Township

NVR to Bradley Osborne at 336 Lancaster Drive for $459,311.

NVR to Meghan and John Holl III at 304 Arden Drive for $400,390.

CB Development to Frank Librich at Hibernia Drive for $125,000.

NVR to Jason and Michelle Lowry at 300 Arden Drive for $385,825.

Kaethe Massimiani to Patrick and Mason Jonnet at 354 Arden Drive for $340,000.

Middlesex Township

NVR to Kuldip and Jaswinder Pabla at 2018 Lily Drive for $1,053,603.

NVR to Logan Brown and Nicole Venturino at 4015 Cross Creek Circle for $813,001.

NVR to James and Beverly Beebe at 4003 Cross Creek Circle for $788,930.

Elizabeth and Adam Holy to Kevin and Victoria Mitchell at 1050 Blackhawk Drive for $515,000.

Forsythe Fields to NVR at Fieldstone Ridge Plan Lot 223 for $176,500.

Hawkins Crest to NVR at Hawkins Crest Lot 109 for $186,000.

Hawkins Crest to NVR at Hawkins Crest Lot 150 for $183,000.

Suzan Batz and Robin Batz to Corey Wirtz at 147 Browns Hill Road for $35,000.

Oakland Township

Andrew and Mackenzie Sabula to Michael Luciana and Allison Curilla at 110 Zetta Lane for $345,000.

Nancy Klein to Richard and Kristy Thome at 328 Stein Road for $335,000.

Penn Township

Daniel Melore and Michelle Farrell to Kyle Anderson at 109 Hillcrest Road for $285,000.

Voltz Family Revocable Living Trust to Victoria Love at 154 Oak Ridge Drive for $220,000.

Seven Fields

Kimberly Pazuk-Ramsey to Latika Hinduja and Amrendra Kumar at 217 Hillvue Drive for $274,000.

Robert Soeder and Linda Rose to James Kamzelski Jr. at 118 Forest Drive for $212,121.

Donald and Marlene Shook to Luke and Mary Lucas at 941 Northridge Drive for $575,153.

Charles Young Jr. to James and Ruth Moodispaugh at 502 Dorchester Drive for $575,000.

Slippery Rock

Tri County Restoration Services to Timothy Madden at Grove City Road for $50,000.

Bonnie Davis to Robert and Janet Novotny at 332 Cooper St. for $250,000.

Kathryn Milligan to Kathryn Milligan and Ruth Cirillo at 456 Center St. for $1.

Charles and Sharon Beck to Sarah McKissick at 101 Arlington Drive for $260,000.

Summit Township

Ross and Megan Wells to Frank Zottola II at 421 Protzman Road for $370,000.

Worth Township

Russell Davis to Keith and Emalee Davis at 107 Cooper Road for $370,000.


Beaver Corner Associates to RI-KBW 23 at 301 S. Main St. for $872,000.

Alyson Mesisca to Christina Fry at 134 N. Milton St. for $300,000.

William and Tabitha Smith to Laurie Cowin at 30 Fieldstone Place for $410,000.

Zelie Capital to Susan Sufit at 204½ Pennsylvania Ave. for $267,500.

Thomas and Gloria Watt to JCL Services at Zelienople Plan for $200,000.

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