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VA clothing shop in need of space

Before retiring from AmeriCorps, I worked at a site on the old VA property called Suit Yourself. That is where I learned just how much the people of Butler cared about their veterans and people in need.

Suit Yourself is a nonprofit shop (staffed by AmeriCorps members) that provides clothing to veterans (who all-too-often came to the VA for treatment with only the clothes on their backs) and basically anyone else in need. Everything is always free due to the caring and committed people of Butler through their continuous donations.

I cannot tell you how many widows I hugged who were donating their husband’s clothing while shedding a tear. Our neighbor across the street, Shoe Sensation, does a new sock drive during the holidays and brings in box after box of new socks. Some people just stop by and ask what the shop needs, then reappear with brand new clothes.

I could go on and on about the people of Butler and their commitment; but the reason for this letter is to let this caring community know that the current donated space is no longer available after September. Suit Yourself is in urgent need of another generous in-kind donor to provide space so that it can carry on the great work so manyepend on.

I, too, care. So I am reaching out to this community in the hope that someone can help this wonderful resource continue. Call 724-282-8266.

Lida Mariotti,


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