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Mother’s Day gift guide: Wheels, books, tech and more

NEW YORK — From just the right book to just the right wheels, there are lots of ways to please all the mothers in your life when their special holiday rolls around.

Some ideas:


Give the gift of a heartbeat. Bond Heart is a smart necklace in the shape of a heart that allows the wearer to record heart beats and play them back in pulses felt when the bauble is grasped. From a company called Bond Touch, the $99 necklace pairs with iOS and Android phones via Bluetooth. Instructions on how to record heartbeats using the pulse from a finger are included. An app stores multiple heartbeats for playback in the heart.

Reach for a digital camera. There’s one that’s great for beginners if mom isn’t a pro but would like to be pro-like. It’s the Canon EOS R50 Mirrorless Camera for $799.99. It’s light, compact, and reviewers rave about how easy it is to use. Comes in black or white. Turn it on and begin. The A+ mode does the rest.

Have at it on pricier options. But in the under $1,000 range, The Strategist’s Steven John recommends the Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera for its versatility and superfast autofocus abilities, among other things.


“The Art of Feminism.” This collection of art, illustration, photography and graphic design spans the feminist aesthetic over two centuries. The original book, out in 2018, has been revised to add 60 pages of material. It's an in-depth examination of the subject, from the suffragists and Judy Chicago to Zanele Muholi and Andrea Bowers. Chronicle Books. $45. Consultant editor Helena Reckitt. Written by Lucinda Gosling, Hilary Robinson and Amy Tobin.

“Head of Household: A Journal for Single Moms.” Beth Raymer, a single mom, has put together words of inspiration from famous single mothers, prompts aimed at reflection, and ways to help their lives go easier. “What are the top five things you wish people understood or acknowledged about your single-mom experience?” she asks. Some estimates put the number of children in the U.S. being raised by single mothers at 15 million. Princeton Architecture Press. $24.95.

How about a burn book? Emily Rose, host of the podcast “It's Become a Whole Thing,” has put together “The Stuff I Hate Journal.” Among the prompts: What's the most condescending remark you've ever received? Who's the person in your life who always has to outdo everyone else? Think of the worst neighbors you've ever had and write the note you'd love to leave on their doorstep. Might be just the thing to help mom take the edge off. Adams Media. $15.99.

Support adoption

The nonprofit sells beaded bracelets with a gold leaf charm symbolizing the family tree. It gives 100% of its proceeds to its grant program that helps families struggling with the cost of adoption. The bracelets come in a variety of colors and materials, including marble and glass. They're also accentuated by gold beads with the group's “Help Us Adopt” signature. Available at Prices range from $50 for a single bracelet to $175 for a stack.

The nonprofit Jockey Being Family Foundation, which funds post-adoption support, benefits from the sale of a plush bear, because why shouldn't mom have her own stuffed animal? Jockey sets aside $5 per bear for the foundation's work. There are two bear versions dubbed Sam and Donna. They cost $10 each at

For moms who roll

The folks at Oprah Daily put this bike on the O list for Mother's Day: The Electra Loft 7D. And it's a beaut. At $549.99, it comes in cream and seafoam green. It's lightweight, European style and has seven speeds. Considered a commuter bike, it has an aluminum frame and painted fenders. Tires are slightly wider than traditional road tires. Available at REI.

Consider a new suitcase, either carry-on size or larger. There's a huge selection out there so track down a sale.

Perhaps a balance ball would serve if your gift recipient is still working from home. There's one that comes with a traditional chair, including arms. $237.99. For new moms, a ball could double as a new baby activity.

Miscellaneous goodness

Walking poles are abundant. Jetti Poles go a step further. They're walking poles that add an extra pound each for fuller-body intensity on a stroll or hike. The poles come with rubber soles made of the same material as car tires to help navigate a range of terrains. From Jetti Fitness, the poles come in lengths of petite (5 feet to 5 foot, 3 inches) to extra tall (5 feet, 11 inches to 6 feet, 2 inches). They come in blue, pink and yellow. A carry bag is included.

This image provited by Jetti shows the Jetti Pole walking poles. The poles add an extra pound each for fuller-body intensity on a stroll or hike. Think outside the box for Mother's Day gifts this year. Jetti via AP
This image provided by Chronicle Books shows the cover of “Head of Household: A Journal for Single Moms“ by Beth Raymer and published by Chronicle Books. Journals make great Mother's Day gifts for the right recipients. Chronicle Books via AP
This image provided by Help Us Adopt shows bracelets from the nonprofit Help Us Adopt. All proceeds from sales go to a grant program that helps families struggling with the cost of adoption. Think outside the box for Mother's Day gifts this year. Help Us Adopt via AP
This image provided by Bond-Touch shows the Bond Heart smart necklace, which stores and plays heartbeats with the help of an app. Think outside the box for Mother's Day gifts this year. Bond-Touch via AP

Don't forget about Pickleball. ProXR has on offer a paddle from Beth Bellamy. The special-edition paddle comes in a white design with a premium fiberglass face for extra pop. A cover is included. Bellamy is ranked No. 1 in senior world pro women's singles. $179.99.

Got a crafter? Solve her storage crisis with the Dreambox. The rolling storage closet is full of adjustable shelving, rods, hooks and boxes. And, to reiterate, it's on wheels so can be stashed when not unfurled. There's lighting built in, along with an adjustable table, with options to add two additional side tables. Comes in two designs in white. Lots of other add-ons are available, like a white magnetic board that can be used to stick metal cutting dies onto. Making dreams come true sometimes doesn't come cheap. The base cost is around $2,500.

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