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Mother reflects on loss of son

Tyler Whitlatch — here with his 7-year-old son, Waylon — died March 20 after being shot in the back by Jessica Callahan, 19, according to police. Whitlatch’s family is seeking justice and answers surrounding his death. Whitlatch’s mother, Jody Humes-Roenigk, described her son as a well-liked man and loving father to Waylon. Submitted Photo
West Sunbury man died of gunshot wound March 20

Following the shooting death of a West Sunbury man and the arrest of his accused killer, a family is searching for justice and answers surrounding the incident.

Police said Tyler J. Whitlatch, 31, was shot in the back March 20 by Jessica L. Callahan, 19, of Hilliards. She told police she shot him after an altercation took place at her home on Kohlmeyer Road, Venango Township.

Whitlatch’s mother, Jody Humes-Roenigk, of Hartstown, Crawford County, said his death has left a hole in their family.

“He was loved. We loved him unconditionally. We’re just devastated,” she said.

Callahan told police she shot Whitlatch once with a 12-gauge shotgun at her home and contacted 911 to meet her at the North Washington Rodeo grounds due to his declining condition. Whitlatch died from the wound, according to the Butler County coroner.

Humes-Roenigk said her family is unsure how Callahan and Whitlatch met, but knew they were acquaintances.

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