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Police: Zelienople man stalks driver in Oakland Township, threatens her with hammer

A Zelienople man in a yellow pickup truck is being accused of stalking a female driver for several days and threatening her with a hammer, state police said Wednesday, March 15.

After an incident in Oakland Township, William P. Hart, 32, was identified as the owner of the pickup and charged with misdemeanors stalking, three counts of simple assault and three counts of terroristic threats, and summaries disorderly conduct and harassment.

A woman contacted police around 10:44 p.m. Monday, March 13, to report an encounter with the driver of a yellow Ford Ranger pickup truck.

According to police, the woman and her female passenger were traveling north on Route 68 in Oakland Township when the driver of the pickup truck repeatedly flashed its high beams at her vehicle and followed closely behind her vehicle onto another road.

This was the third instance of the truck tailgating her vehicle and flashing its high beams between the dates of Feb. 25 and March 13, the woman told police.

Officers said the woman pulled into the University Korner gas station parking lot when the truck pulled up beside her. When she rolled down her window to confront the driver, the man allegedly brandished a hammer and said “I want to hurt you” to the two women, police said.

The woman’s husband arrived on scene, and the man threatened him with the hammer as well, police said, before the man pulled the vehicle away and drove south on Route 68.

The husband took note of the vehicle’s registration as it pulled away. Hart was later identified as the owner of the vehicle, documents showed.

A preliminary hearing for Hart has not been scheduled.

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