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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from Dec. 1 to 7:

Adams Township

James and Amy Berkopec to Ryan and Laura Blythe at Berkopec/Blythe Plan Lot A2 for $18,500.

NVR to George and Diana Magera at 336 Crest Lane for $876,047.

B3V Partners to Kevin and Denise Zallow at Sunrise Acres Lot 213 for $110,000.

Penn Acres to Ryan and Kathryn Flynn at 216 Summit Acres for $170,000.

Brennan Group to Harry and Judith White at 107 Imperial Drive for $507,110.

Buffalo Township

Claudia Harvey to Claudia Harvey and Patrick Harvey at 105 Patrick Lane for $1.

Claudia Harvey to Lee Ann Donahue at 110 Patrick Lane for $1.

Shannon Emrick to Rikki and Michael Woodling at 168 Riemer Road for $300,000.


Brenda Codiga to Melanie Woodcock at West Penn Street for $107,200.

Aaron Bonus to Sheridan Rose at 314 Miller Ave. for $109,600.

George and Donna Huff to Michael Sippert at 517 State St. for $101,000.

Blaise and Samantha Gray to Nikki Stewart at 516 Eau Claire St. for $94,000.

Jonathon and Jodi Martin to Chickadee Perch at Chestnut Street for $267,500.

Amy Swigart to Lori Ballon at 124 W. Pearl St. for $131,000.

Samantha Walker to Richard and Sharon Walker at 321 Mercer St. for $1.

Butler Township

Alana Dec to Steve Dec, trustee, at 210 Campbell Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $78,284.80).

Alana Dec to Steve Dec, trustee, at 215 Campbell Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $174,310.40).

Alana Dec to Steve Dec, trustee, at 112 Shady Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $120,243.20).

Lorraine Minehart to Mandi and Charles Bunnell at 130 Harrison Ave. for $105,000.

James Baron to James and Jennifer Baron at Dutchtown Village for $1.

The Villas at Forest Oaks to Timothy Turkowski and Jannie Mollengarden at 1053 Forest Oaks Drive for $478,255.

Crystal and Robert Damico III to Auten Damico at 430 Saw Mill Run Road for $166,988.

Robert Batykeefer Jr. to Brian O’Brien at 115 Westview Drive for $227,000.

Caparosa Properties to KRG Investment Properties at Ridge Avenue, Cleveland Avenue, Sterling Street, West Penn Street Extension, Cleveland Street, and13th Avenue for $990,000.

Center Township

Deborah Hammond to Carla and Luis Pacheco at 145 Cedar Ridge for $535,000.

Ronald and Dorothy Deangelis to Ian and Jennifer Hammonds at 131 Shawnee Drive for $375,000.

Central Penn Capital Management to Megan Martin at 115 Lyn Dale Drive for $235,000.


Carol Kelly to Mark Pedrick and Coutney Collins at 316 Central Ave. for $118,400.

Ryan Thomas to Rena Bortmes at 315 E. Slippery Rock St. for $174,500.

Clay Township

Alana Dec to Steve Dec, trustee, at Dingle Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $32,524.80).

Amy Martin to Sarah Rice at Hunter Ridge Road for $249,900.

Clearfield Township

Stephen McLafferty,, to Jefferey and Elizabeth Bowser at 147 McLafferty Road for $145,000.

Charles and Paula Johnson to Dalton Johnson at 994 Clearfield Road for $1.

C.C.M.C. Foods to John Placek at Route 422 for $125,000.


William and Patricia McMelleon to Rukhsar Hussain and Adil Sohail at 296 Connoquenessing Main St. for $480,000.

Connoquenessing Township

Dean Gearhart to Benjamin and Tara Roberts at Hawk Drive for $70,000.

Cranberry Township

Daryl and Elke Metcalfe to Rajeev Gupta at 133 Parkwood Drive for $172,000.

Rochester Road Investment to Matthew Prossen at 206 Main St. for $584,990.

Matthew and Elizabeth Plautz to Ryan and Sarah McNally at 152 Pinehurst Road for $715,000.

Forest Edge to Kimberly Weaver and Matthew Mason at Forest Edge Lot 330 for $206,550.

Josephine Morgan and Matthew Krushinski-Craig to Matthew Duch and Samantha Ricketts at 305 Courage Lane for $335,000.

Kevin McKeever to Patrick and Jennifer Cranston at 106 Flamingo Drive for $200,000.

David Drozd to Justin Gaydos at Norberry Two Condominium for $159,900.

Devyani Sud to Amy Salameh at Creekwood Commons Condominium for $133,500.

Mary Carlson and Don Carlson, trustees, to Michael and Melissa Weaver at 303 Yorktown Drive for $300,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $418,176).

East Butler

Virginia Vorndran to Larry and Janie Douthett at Grant Avenue for $120,000.

Forward Township

Norma Sutemaster, trustee, to Marjorie and Kenneth Morris Jr. at 220 Watters Station Road for $315,000.

Sandra Mitchell to Brandon and Briana Suprynowicz at 153 George Road for $309,000.

Franklin Township

E&E Chestnut Developers to Frederic and Antonetta Bell at Chestnut Grove Condominium for $359,900.

Thomas Guther to Kory and Amanda Lesney at Maple Lane Farms for $90,000.

Jackson Township

NVR to Megan and Thomas Morocco at 319 Blacktail Deer Lane for $686,765.

Howard and Laurie Cadwell to Kyle and Haley Watson at 400 Ridge Road for $475,000.

James and Alice Petry to Heather Raybold at unknown address for $250,000.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 270 for $98,595.

Jefferson Township

Pamela Barbiaux to Emily Clark and Logan Brown at Powers Estate Plan for $32,000.

Marion Township

Bruce and Diane Ubry to John and Lora McCall at 919 Cemetery Road for $38,000.

Middlesex Township

Allen and Cynthia Fleeger to Chris and Susan Allen at 1084 Tilly Drive for $450,500.

NVR to William and Sandra Hoffer at 4027 Cross Creek Circle at $786,336.

Hawkins Crest to NVR at Hawkins Crest Lot 147 for $183,000.

Robert and Deborah Hoffman to Candice and Daniel Fuller at 3018 Humbolt Place for $550,000.

Amber and Jonathon Rush Jr. to Joseph Senita and Susan Bucknum at unknown address for $610,000.

Ian and Meghan Capcara to Matthew Fritz and Luke Fritz at 513 Sheldon Road for $210,000.

Hawkins Crest to NVR at Hawkins Crest Lot 113 for $183,000.

Oakland Township

Jennifer Barnhart, trustee, to Steven Dorenkamp at 148 McGinley Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $259,072).

Carl Tillander and Heather Keefer to John Zanicky at McCommon Subdivision Lot 5 for $25,000.

Penn Township

Dennis and Ann Baglier to William and Darlene Mitchell at Oak Trace Plan for $69,900.

David and Erin Burdette to Justin Trainor at Route 8 for $145,000.

Seven Fields

Infinity Custom Homes to Joseph and Shawna Mace at 302 Highpointe Drive for $556,830.

Slippery Rock

Tri-County Restoration Services to Timothy Madden at Grove City Road for $100,000.

Slippery Rock Township

Timothy and Deborah Drennen to Timothy and Deborah Drennen, trustees, at 214 Miller Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $245,977.60).

Steven Bickel, et al., to Meadow Grove Farm at Pittsburgh-Franklin Road for $640,000.

Summit Township

Jennifer Barnhart, trustee, to Steven Dorenkamp at 310 Carbon Center Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $101,742.08).

Joshua and Lisa Loomis to Casey Pulaski and Tyler Thompson at 106 Kennedy Lane for $148,000.

Joshua and Lauren Reddick to Dalton Callihan at 685 Herman Road for $188,000.

Linda Minehart to Sara Irdi at 401 Keck Road for $90,000.

Carol and Dennis Oresick to Kyle Nolan and Samantha Hauser at 778 Herman Road for $205,000.

Washington Township

Anthony and Daphne Rossi to Tonya Wright at 1419 Branchton Road for $140,000.

Braden Alworth to Michaele Geibel at 734 Bruin Road for $195,000.

Worth Township

JoAnn Stocks to JoAnn Stocks and Danielle Stocks at 149 Humphrey Road for $1.

Esther Kelley to Emerald Property Dynamics at 780 W. Park Road for $145,000.


Mark and Robin Fleming to Jeffrey and Sonya LeFever at South Main Street for $414,000.

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