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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from Sept. 8 to 17.

Adams Township

John and Catherine Bender to Bender Family Revocable Trust at 903 Independence Court for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $440,821.40).

Thomas Carter to Beverly Bodell at 3101 Pointe View Drive for $381,500.

Robert and Mary Worsena to Daniel Skinner and Renee Skinner, trustees, at 4092 Lilly Vue Court for $649,000.

Michael and Heather Sella to Ross Hatherill at 102 Wickerham Drive for $650,000.

Dirk McKinney to Like New Properties at 112 Regina St. for $125,000.

NVR to Kathleen and Terry Dell at 134 Lupine Drive for $392,095.

Matthew and Erica Breese to Brandon and Maria Zimmer at 223 Tamarack Drive for $841,018.

Matthew and Jessica Rhenish to Christopher and Gevony Williams at 206 Longbow Lane for $975,000.

Susan Fitzgerald and William Fitzgerald, trustees, to Brian Sauers at 416 Mars Valence Road for $110,000.

Robert and Kathleen Pascoe to Dawn Getty at 3003 Ambassador Lane for $385,000.

Michael Behun to Shannon Whaples at 552 E. Vanderbilt Drive for $365,000.

Linda Palmiero to Linda Pamiero, Allison Palmiero Brady and Jon Palmiero at 1004 Appleridge Court for $1.

Hickory Glen Partners to Tyler and Michelle Vaughn at Hickory Glen Lot 124 for $801,910.

Shafik and Afaf Saikaly to Alan and Kimberly Koser at 1142 Cobblestone Lane for $355,000.

Gabriel’s Crest Development to NVR at 346 Crest Lane for $160,000.

Cypress Fields at Praveen Shanmuganathan and Pratheema Mohandoss at 108 Cypress Lane for $166,000.

NVR to Amit Deshmukh and Monika Pawar at 132 Lupine Drive for $400,870.

Robert Mitchell Jr. to Robert Mitchell Jr. and Lisa Mitchell, trustees, at Treesdale-Old Orchard Neighborhood Plan Lot 64 for $1.

Todd and Melissa Bradley to Aaron and Kayley Jensen at 318 Dirkshire Court for $715,000.

Fred and Christine Hespenheide to NVR at Hespenheide Subdivision Lot 51 for $224,800.


Mark Gordon to Adam King at 114 Park St. for $124,000.

Buffalo Township

Thomas and Jo-Ann Uhing to Uhing Family Residence Trust at 109 Wonderly Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $352,737.90).

Paula Reilly to John and Esther Staranko at 139 Raven Circle for $218,000.

Butler City

OBM Rentals to Tiffany and Mark Kimmel at Morris Plan Lot 2 for $22,500.

Joshua and Victoria Smith to Paul and Melinda McCafferty at 614 Belmont Road for $300,000.

Megan Nunez to Alex and Marlene Lowe at 123 Wallula Ave. for $140,000.

Butler Township

Charles and Lois Andler to Charles and Amy Andler at 140 Milt Miller Road for $1.

White Thorn Development Co. to Richard and Kathleen Goeke at Afton Plan Lot 8 for $125,000.

DRB Group to Brian and Rachel Christy at 204 Wyncrest Drive for $445,000.

Paul and Darlene Stewart to Jeffrey Sinclair at 4135 Hopewell Ave. for $272,500.

Mary Sanderson to Joshua Sanderson and Tyler Schwartz at 301 N. Duffy Road for $164,000.

Kent and Gina Urbanski to Eric Barnes at 206 Woodbury Drive for $250,000.

John and Bonnie Ellison to Tammy Maines and Gretchen Davis at 488 Whitestown Road for $1.

John Stoops to Alexis and Dylan Hodge at 4127 Miller St. for $240,000.

Center Township

D&D Beblo to Blossom Ridge Homeowners Assoc. at 99 Blossom Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $19,712).

Mary and George Hammonds to Thomas Von Gunden at 462 Cherokee Drive for $310,000.

Clay Township

Jean Davin to Iheartacres at Saint John Road for $28,000.

Clinton Township

Virginia Scherder to Paul and Rachel Babirak at 874 Ekastown Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $46,464).

Kenneth and Deborah Kutsch to Justin Stevens at 249 Victory Road for $279,900.

Robert and Bobbie Hawranko to Paul and Rachel Babirak at 200 Magnolia Lane for $1.

Cranberry Township

David Sylvester to Michael and Jayne Gaston at 9263 Marshall Road for $415,000.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Sarah Wise at 622 Gratitude Road for $460,990.

Stephan and Debra Todd to Michael Gallup at 5056 Bear Run Road for $2,050,000.

Gerald and Kathryn Sandusky to Dienne Fisher at 52 Ashford Drive for $265,000.

Valarie Diamond to Matthew Skavronski at 219 Boardwalk Drive for $485,900.

Steven and Kathleen Schnelle to the Schnelle Family Trust at 122 Chadborne Court for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $194,304).

Lynne O’Connor and Valarie Panei to Lynne O’Connor at Bellevue Park Plan for $1.

Jon and Deborah Kolb to William Martin and Susan Zundel at 299 Jefferson Lane for $560,000.

Kyle and Ashley Adams to Weichert Workforce Mobility at 8006 Maureen Drive for $460,000.

Brady and Christina Wise to Ivan and Jocelyn Cilik at 210 Cashmere Court for $985,000.

Ashley Weber to Joshua Gavin at 327 Parkwood Drive for $193,000.

Linda DeBor to Barry Watkiss at Rochester-Glen Eden Road for $70,000.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Jeffrey and Susan Ciaramella at 329 Harlequin St. for $778,555.

William and Patricia Spies to William Spies at 307 Mossy Oak Drive for $1.

NVR to Erin and Gregory Koritsky Jr. at 210 Amon St. for $363,440.

David Meadows and Yvonne Powers, trustees, to Brandon Deal at 325 Green Fields Court for $525,000.

Timothy and Yarimel Whitson to O’Neale SFR Holdings 3 at The Links of Cranberry Lot 170 for $347,600.

Dennis Lemmo and Mary Blaine to Jennifer LaBella at 1009 Stockton Ridge Unit 123 for $205,000.

Pikewood Land Partners to Infinity Custom Homes at Laurel Pointe Lot 107 for $150,000.

NVR to Avis Grainger at 212 Amon St. for $354,120.

Jenna Yourish to Destiny Rutledge at 602 Sunset Circle for $209,000.

Geraldine Bittel to Robert and Madeline Platt at 7436 Frankline Road for $335,975.

Aimee Frank to Christina Magnotta at 220 Hounslow Road for $320,000.

Donegal Township

Alvin Suttle to Alvin and Mary Suttle at 1412 Chicora Road for $1.

Fairview Township

Donna Hillwig and Marjorie Hillwig to Carl Barger and Barbara Preston at 1203 Kittanning Pike for $194,900.

Forward Township

Maronda Homes to Casey and Shanna Vucinic at Hidden Acres Lot 136 for $478,839.

Maronda Homes to Taylor and Michael Bonner Jr. at 129 Hidden Acres Drive for $750,167.

Franklin Township

Patrick and Sarah Rutledge to Lisa Peach and Christopher Gavazzi at 2125 Prospect Road for $529,900.

E&E Chestnut Developers to John and Maxine Yonosko at 611 Woodhawk Lane for $299,900.


David and Carolyn Carr to Five Three One South Main at Main Street for $250,000.

Jackson Township

NVR to Lars Peterson and Morgan Beer at 161 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $570,620.

Maronda Homes to Kyle and Cassondra Verbeek at Walnut Ridge Plan Lot 136 for $559,583.

Newman Holdings to NVR at Foxwood Trails Residential Development Lot 205 for $101,470.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 219 for $98,595.

NVR to Kacey and Zacary Ness at 416 Sarjean Way for $469,745.

NVR to Travis and Alyxandra Enscoe at 404 Sarjean Way for $509,895.

Lancaster Township

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Plan Lot 709 for $123,640.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Plan Lot 234 for $86,935.50.

James and Cathy Bensink to Margaret Rosen at 134 Pfiefer Road for $780,000.

NVR to James and Lisa Decker at 217 Arden Drive for $431,355.

NVR to Nathan and Taylor Inman at 311 Arden Drive for $385,645.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Plan Lot 248 for $86,935.50

Carrie Mooney and Charles Miller to Carrie Mooney at 176 Liberty Road for $1.

Marion Township

Arthur and Florence Miller, trustees, to Boyd and Cynthia Smith at Quigley Organization for $27,860.


Katherine Metcalfe to Marc and Katherine Metcalfe at 506 Pearl St. for $1.

Middlesex Township

Joshua and Ashley Dryden to Justin Welling and Kristen Mack at 112 Thorn Drive for $312,000.

Michael McGahan and Trenton Shaffer to Damon and Rebecca Clark at 136 Keithwood Drive for $387,000.

Muddy Creek Township

Pat and Helen Morris to Linda and Vito Pilosi III at Morris Plan Lot 3 for $330,000.

Terence Courson and Joyce Gregg to Walter Zacherl and Eric Zacherl at 132 Stanford Road for $80,000.

Oakland Township

John and Bonnie Ellison to Tammy Maines and Gretchen Davis at Shearer Road for $1.

Penn Township

Jeffrey and Christine Weber to Beth and Michael Hudek at 119 Dodds Road for $365,000.

Rose Jessup to Jeffrey Acord at address unknown for $75,000.

Daniel and Elizabeth Contreras to Brielle and Landon Thomasmeyer at 6111 Orchard Lane for $250,000.

Seven Fields

Justin and Nicole Wilson to Adam Schooley and Alexis Wildman at 185 Woodhaven Drive for $208,000.

Slippery Rock

William and Wilma Oman to Ian Oman and Erica Harp at 120 Parklane Drive for $330,000.

Slippery Rock Condo to Donna Urey at 127 Arlington Drive for $160,000.

Rocked Properties to Matthew and Kelly Rodgers at 351 Kiester Road for $159,000.

Slippery Rock Township

Q Offers-A to Thomas and Marianne McElree at 101 Ayyar Court for $425,000.

N. Lee and Linda Ligo to Carl and Lisa Carusa at Ligo Subdivision Lot 5 for $60,000.

Deborah Bassett to Joshua and Tori Adams at 677 New Castle Road for $174,585.

Summit Township

Tracey and Robert Beck to Robin Butler at 212 Lynn Mar Lane for $255,000.

Venango Township

Alice and Thomas Ball to Keri Ball at address unknown for $1.

Winfield Township

Ann and David Landwehr and Sylvia Hilliard to Keystone Mineral Group at address unknown for $157,500.

Ryan and Casey Thomas to Ryan and Casey Thomas at 108 Cornetti Road for $1.

Joan McKruit to Jones Estates Bernie’s PA at Old Saxonburg-West Winfield Road for $1,600,000.

Barry and Renae Barger to David and Barbara McMaster at 426 Bicker Road for $439,000.

Thelma Painter to Thelma Painter and Debra Mattes at Painter Subdivision Lot 5 for $1.


Ann and Mark Malick to Jon and Kaitlyn Hall at 104 Chestnut St. for $286,020.

Sondra and Harry Smith to Michael Newman at Passavant Plan Lot 40 for $50,000.

Eric and Anna Ezzolo to Michael Evans and Chelsey Ptak at 115 Oakdale Drive for $405,000.

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