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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from Aug.15 to 17:

Adams Township

Mary Hooten to Mary Hooten, et al. at Route 228 for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $23,795.20).

Daniel Penrod to Jennifer and Tyler Protivnak at 81104 Lost Valley Drive for $320,000.

Penn Acres to Infinity Custom Homes at 204 Summit Acres for $180,000.

NVR to Noah Smith and Nicole Wisniewski at 105 Abigail Drive for $850,400.

B3V Partners to John Budzinkay and Leda Kwadrat at Sunrise Acres Subdivision Lot 208 for $110,000.

Clifford and Bethann Harris to Christopher and Shannon Sherwiz at 224 Union Church Road for $720,000.

NVR to Blake Thompson at 221 Cranesbill Drive for $376,720.

George and Maria Berzonski and Margaret and Jeffrey Dailey to SWD at Township Road No. 397 for $30,000.

Gabriel’s Crest Development to NVR at 335 Crest Lane for $160,000.

NVR to Brent and Rosemary Bocian at 219 Cranesbill Drive for $392,160.

Judy Gross to Bryan and Jennifer Stuber at 107 Reservoir Road for $320,000.

NVR to Venkatesh Konda and Manaswini Polisetty at 120 Lupine Drive for $401,255.

Hickory Glen Partners to Anthony and Shelby Washington at 200 Hickory Lane for $730,000.

Adams Point I to Maria Norris at 222 Adams Point Blvd. for $350,000.

Guy and Patty Shirey to Daniel and Michelle Christenson at 1001 Torrey Pine Drive for $580,000.

Brady Township

Michael and Qing Qing Voiy to Matthew and Jennifer Friel at 206 Creekside Lane for $145,000.

Buffalo Township

R&W Estates to NVR at Twin Oaks Plan Lot 212 for $65,000.

Sheena Arbuckle, administrator, et al, to Travis and Melanie Wellner at Rosak-Wellner Plan Lot 2 for $325,000.

Jennifer Barnhart to Christopher Boltz at 310 N. McKean St. for $125,000.

Robert Moss to Jarrod Fullerton and Sedona Rogers at 186 Riemer Road for $280,000.

Robert and Corynne Lamison to Casey Collins at 600 Sarver Road for $200,000.

John and Karin Vecchi to Michael and Danielle Hite at 112 High Point Drive for $425,000.

NVR to Donald and Bonnie Tallo at 133 Red Horse Drive for $481,165.

Heritage Crossings Partners to Norman and Diane Auvil at Heritage Crossings Condominium for $428,275.


Patricia Walters and Constance Steinberg to Jacob Zaludek at 125 4th Ave. for $60,000.

Adam and Jamie Christy to Linda Daniels at 323 Broad St. for $136,000.

Heritage Security & Service to MS Asset Recovery at 230 Amy Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $99,686.40).

Alyson and Evan Beilstein to Keystone State Home Buyers at Mackey Plan Lot 112 for $150,000.

Jeffrey and Crystal Haugh to Luke Hyde at 408 Reo St. for $72,000.

Butler Township

Donald and Linda Albert to Robert Mick at 123 Boyd Lane for $106,000.

Julia and Ryan Good to John and Diane Fitzgerald at 174 Westwood Manor for $245,000.

Jessica and Joseph Titler to Angela and Adam Steiner at 105 Morningside Drive for $225,000.

Ronald and Amy Uram to Andrew and Jamie Grossman at 1001 Doral Drive for $260,327.

Jeb and Joey Denniston to William Jerich at 120 Aubrey Drive for $570,000.

Deborah Divins to William Bollinger at 126 Morningside Drive for $221,000.

Joseph and Celeste Phillips to Emily and Michael Sanders at 538 Meridian Road for $225,000.

Center Township

Bonnie Vance to Bonnie Vance and Jared and Cathy Vance at 101 Aubrey Drive for $1.

Clay Township

Kenneth Minnear and Janis Minnear to Kenneth Minnear at 121 Kelly Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $8,468).

Connoquenessing Borough

Gregory and Valerie Rotunda to Travis Ritenour at 258 Smith Road for $575,000.

Connoquenessing Township

Moraine Valley Farms to Jason and Angela Durler at Spring Lakes Area for $70,000.

Cranberry Township

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Rochelle Rosen at 429 Roebling Court for $469,990.

David and Robin McMahan to American Escrow and Closing at 716 Seth Drive for $600,000.

American Escrow and Closing to Justin and Emilie Yasko at 716 Seth Drive for $600,000.

Jacquelyn Stenglin to Joshua and Crystal Chilton at 206 Wyndmere Drive for $310,000.

Frederick Fleming to Grey Dog Holdings at 71 Dutilh Road for $350,000.

NVR to Markila and Benjamin Sherman at 310 Caledonia Place for $390,260.

NVR to Amit Chaudhary and Sweta Singh at 312 Caledonia Place for $383,235.

Douglas and Jennifer Patterson to Stephen Stewart at 305 Riva Ridge Drive for $678,000.

Megan Martin to Christy Sarver at 615 Sunset Circle for $210,000.

Rose Foerster to Christine Loccisano at 1014 Feltham Lane for $450,000.

Evans City

Mark and Judith O’Connor to Noah Gengler and Madeline Ivory at Andrew Wahl Plot of Lots for $15,000.

Fairview Township

Dean and Patricia Tascarella to Patricia Tascarella at 1270 Kittanning Pike for $1.

Franklin Township

E&E Chestnut Developers to Thomas and Belinda Hallberg at 562 Woodhawk Lane for $339,900.

Forward Township

Jeremy Miller and Gina LaRocca to Carlene Reiss at 134 Stucky Road for $253,000.

Gary Hoffman to Brandon and Mollie Hess at 275 Leisie Road for $315,000.


Trevor and Amy Cooper to Trevor and Amy Cooper, trustees, at 221 Bluff St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $453,376).

Jackson Township

Cindy Morrow and Sharon Morrow to Samantha Richards at 95 Harts Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $66,880).

Maronda Homes to Trails at Harmony Junction at Rylie Drive - Cole Court for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $32,243.20).

NVR to Elena and Tyler Pirilla at 103 Rivulet Place for $358,805.

Eileen Bernd by exr. and Michael Bernd to Estate of Eileen Bernd and Michael Brend at 2179 Evans City Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $929).

William and Janet Kreuer, co-trustees, to Albert and Denis Agostinelli at 198 Jo Deemer Drive for $629,500.

Jefferson Township

Ronald and Margaret Morrison to Andrew and Trey Randall at 848 North Pike Road for $450,000.

Lancaster Township

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lot 348 for $87,000.

Joshua Lee and Julie Naviaux to Joseph and Catherine Soisson at 116 Woodland Way for $335,000.

Middlesex Township

Middle Creek Partners 2 to Cheryl and Daniel Harris at 1112 Tilly Drive for $432,180.

Mary Brooks to Tyler Brooks at 154 Truver Road for $80,000.

Penn Township

John and Maribeth Misitis to Daniel and Theresa Weidner at 141 Blazing Star Drive for $787,066.

Rockdale Lakes to Kenneth and Lisa McDonald at Rockdale Lakes Lot 8 for $12,000.


Bryan Altman to Jason Martin at 126 Orchard Drive for $275,000.


Sharon Sakian to Amber Adams at 136 E. Main St. for $130,999.

Seven Fields

Thomas and Rachel Herbst to Nicole D’Allessandro and Nicholas Martinelli at 507 Bristol Court for $585,000.

Justin and Aubrey Noble to Corey and Nicole Bidwell at 922 Northridge Drive for $490,000.

Kristy Bayer to Adam Ward at 178 Woodhaven Drive for $199,000.

Slippery Rock Borough

Jesus and Amparo Valencia to Ryan and Julia Good at 200 Smith Valley Road for $350,900.

Slippery Rock Township

Earl and Norma Webb Trust to Norma Webb at Franklin Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $130,803.20).

Summit Township

David and Gay Kaltenbaugh to Timothy Hay at 127 Eiffler Lane for $60,000.

James and Emily Mossman to Tyler Thompson at 172 Chicora Road for $152,573.

Venango Township

Gregory and Casey McNeish to Larry and Shirley McKinley at 350 Nursery Lane for $1.

Winfield Township

Earl and Emily Selfridge to Andrew and Dana Gryskewicz at 122 Cobham Lane for $306,000.


Trevor Cooper et al. to Trevor Cooper, trustee, et al., at Hazel Street for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $385,228.80).

Trevor Cooper to Trevor and Amy Cooper, trustees, at Oliver Street for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $136,576).

Trevor Cooper to Trevor and Amy Cooper, trustees, at 333 E. Grandview Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $223,027).

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