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Mars Area School Board accepts gift of 50 winter coats

It’s not too late to give to a good cause.

Mars Area School District was recently gifted nearly 50 winter coats from Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger, said assistant superintendent Elizabeth McMahon.

“They reached out to us in late December saying, ‘Can you do anything with children’s coats?’” McMahon said. “It was just so wonderful. We received — and it was like three days before Christmas — these huge bags of brand new coats.”

The bags were delivered with a Christmas card from Goldinger. The card explained that everything was donated by members of the Butler County community at an event he had sponsored.

“So we sorted them all out this week, and we got them all out to the building principals,” said McMahon. “They’re going to be the ones that know children in need.”

The coats came in a variety of sizes and styles. McMahon said that the district in no way solicited them.

“It was just a pleasant surprise and a really nice, kind gesture,” she said. “It should really keep some children warm, thank you.”

Additionally, the district accepted a $23,250 donation from Weaver Construction to purchase 1,200 Chromebook cases for its students.

The cases will feature the district’s monogram and are being ordered from the Vivacity Tech Company.

More collaboration sought

Curriculum leaders were invited to Tuesday’s board meeting to improve collaboration within the district.

“Typically we haven’t had our curriculum leaders here,” superintendent Mark Gross said. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with you because ... you’re the liaison between what the administration may need to do and what you know the staff needs.”

Curriculum leaders help facilitate communication between the administration and teachers, as well as promote professional development and courses of study in the district. The leaders were chosen through an application process.

“We have 11 positions capturing various parts of the district,” Gross said.

The board intends to have curriculum leaders present during its work session meeting once a month, where they will have a regular place on the agenda.

“It allows the board to put a face to a name,” Gross said. “We have the opportunity to maybe showcase some of things you’re doing. Maybe one of you has a specific thing you’d like to highlight — maybe brag about a little bit — this would be the place to do that.”

District officials thanked the curriculum leaders and hoped that their attendance would strengthen cooperation within the district.

“I think it just helps to build the climate that we want to build here,” Gross said. “We’re all in this together.”

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