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A letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa (Vernon Foertsch),

This is not a Christmas list. It is a heartfelt thank you letter. Thank you for being our Santa Claus of Saxonburg.

You have the biggest heart ever to play our Santa for 65 years, as well as for visiting many Christmas parties and for sitting many hours in very cold weather just to smile and wave to many children at the Saxonburg Christmas parade.

You are a very kind and good man, and have been truly loved by all for many years.

I, myself, would like to say I have always had the greatest love for Santa Claus all my life. Never did I think that I would grow up to play the part of Mrs. Claus, your wife, in the Saxonburg parade.

This has been the greatest privilege of my life throughout the years. Thank you for asking me, Santa.

You are loved forever.

Your wife,

Mrs. Santa Claus

(Gail Mercatell)

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