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Genetic testing a ‘game changer’ for cancer detection

Lisa Moore the Women's Imaging Supervisor, center, right, with the staff of the Women's Imaging Center stand with one of the a mammography unit at the center Friday. Shane Potter/Butler Eagle

Patients of Butler Health System may qualify to take a genetic test to determine if they are likely to develop cancer.

Judy Hansotte, nurse navigator in the women’s imaging center at Butler Health System, said genetic testing, which began being offered at the system around three years ago, can help a patient decide how to proceed with cancer-related treatment.

“They may be able to just have the lumpectomy,” Hansotte said. “If they have the gene they may opt to do the mastectomy. So it has been a game changer for some of our patients as to what their plan of care is for their breast cancer.”

The imaging center administered a lot of genetic tests when they first became available, but Lisa Moore, a women’s imaging supervisor for Butler Health System, said there has not been as many given recently.

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