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Real Estate Transactions


Donald Charles Stauffer to Hammel Property Management at 8401 Clubside Drive for $305,000.

NVR to Ramakrishna and Sandhya Mutyala at 207 Cranesbill Drive for $390,625.

NVR to Andrew David and Shannon Rae Litton at 322 Crest Lane for $734,986.

Gabriels Crest Development to NVR at 340 Crest Lane for $160,000.

Walter Ladebu trustee to Ronald Schwenke Jr. and Deborah Schwenke at 165 Dobson Road for $320,000.

Robert Petty to Daniel and Angeline Mozer at 104 Good Luck Lane for $649,900.

Hickory Glen Partners to James Truckle and Hannah Juarez at 205 Hickory Lane for $762,970.

Estate of Gretchen Jarvis to Gino Blaze and Tami Sue Crognale at 81142 Lost Valley Drive for $310,125.

Abena Boampong to Matthew Rhenish at 105 Olivia Ave. for $729,500.

Nico Engelbretch to Richard Louis and Alysa Dilimone at 217 Southern Valley Court for $330,000.

Theron Malcher to Douglas and Melissa Kistler at 801 Torrey Pine Drive for $575,000.

S&A Homes to Scott Ramsey at Vista Ridge Lane for $75,000.

Birch Investing Group to Zachary Godish at 120 Vista Ridge Lane for $487,000.


Kenneth McKee Jr. to Allegheny Township Municipality Corp. at Foxburg Road for $120,000.


David Cohen to Nancy Jo Kenner at 133 Blue Bird Lane for $259,500.

David Powers to Adam Thompson at Monroe Road for $208,000.

Paula Kijowski to MS Norman & Co. at 201 Prairie Court for $255,000.


Christine Pellegrini to Bert Timothy Barnes at 518 Center Ave. for $25,000.

Kevin Scott Neel to Erin Pletsch at 715 E. Brady St. for $90,000.

Donald Gage to Conrad Rentals at 217 E. Patterson Ave. for $80,000.

Daniel Weidenhof to Bennett Deal at 512 Eau Claire St. for $25,000.

DM Vision to Leslie June Yerace at 118 W. Quarry St. for $100,000.

Amy Bullman to Huf Rentals at 432 Zeigler Ave. for $60,000.


Shirley Zarnick to Ronald and Tammy Ann Henry at 220 Clark Ave. for $225,000.

James Clarke to Michael Stark and Vanessa Smith at 246 Evans City Road for $300,000.

Victoria Nicholas to Michael Dittman at 141 Haverford Road for $440,000.

Michael Kraynik to Mark and Jade Elise Tierney at 414 McCalmont Road for $259,900.

Estate of Steve Kosar to Scott and Diana Petrak at 112 Rothen Ave. for $243,000.

Estate of Stephen John Thomas to Joshua Scott Carson at 190 Whitestown Village for $53,000.


Bobbie Wick to Jeffrey and Carolyn Bukovich at 115 Cedar Ridge for $742,000.

Thippeswamy Channapati to Bryan and Heather Helsel at 103 Dogwood Court for $725,000.

The Villas at Forest Oaks to Ronald and Marlene Bateman at 1021 Forest Oaks Drive for $424,625.


Ryan Ball to Kaitlyn Petras at 123 Bellview Ave. for $165,000.

Kenneth Shay to James and Ashley Boltz at Front Street for $135,000.

Thomas Garing to Jordan Downs at 113 Simpson St. for $174,500.


Deborah Burk to Travis and Anne Christie at 1081 Carriage Lane for $305,000.

Jonathan Jones to Alexandra and Jeremiah Stehman at 480 Sun Mine Road for $316,000.


Jesus Ramos Magana to BGRS at 14 Bradley Court for $444,000.

BGRS to Kevin Matthew Struzynski and Lisa Wood at 14 Bradley Court for $444,000.

Matthew Fincher to Stephen and Naturah Eckstein at 118 Fox Run Road for $265,000.

Gregory Babicz to William and Margaret Schnarrenberger at 7496 Franklin Road for $315,000.

Mark Richner to Judith Masucci at 713 Hartland Drive for $305,000.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Thomas Emery at 216 Main St. for $574,990.

John Demallie to Timothy and Gabrielle Vandall at 210 Meadowbrook Drive for $552,000.

William Arthur Weber to Hong Hong Wang at 202 Parkwood Drive for $195,000.

Theresa Jay Toney to Dmirty Hryher and Olga Shuleika at 711 Sunset Circle for $300,000.


Estate of Margaret Stutz to Adam Harbison and Melissa Bartley at 515 Grant Ave. for $149,088.

Cynthia Faye Kennedy to Donald Bullman Jr. and Jacqueline Bullman at Valvoline Road for $12,000.


Michael Sandor to Jacob Aaron Huffman at 116 Crescent St. for $165,000.

Hampton Partners to WEXL Properties at 233 N. Washington St. for $655,000.


Estate of Ronald Lewis Mullen to Reather Alan and Leslie Gilman at 266 Catalpa Road for $280,000.


Alan Swanson to Tammy Hixon at 128 Leslie Road for $380,000.


Estate of Sylvia Wenzel to Louis Edwards Christensen at 456 W. Prairie St. for $215,000.


Bernard Lauth to Jeffrey and Shelley Behr at 142 Hartman Road for $405,000.

Wayne Lingenfelter to Michael and Jennifer Williams at 453 Isabella Court for $653,000.

NVR to Ramesh Arige at 409 Sarjean Way for $485,495.

NVR to Boopathi Sathinaickenpalayam and Saranya Senthilvel at 423 Sarjean Way for $480,920.

Daniel Starta to Michael Joseph and Cathy Ann Capizzi at 111 St. Ives Way for $1,150,000.

Alton Fell to Albert and Lea Polaski at 17 W. Rocklake Court for $225,000.

NVR to Jammie and Shannon Elizabeth Jolly at 145 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $600,355.

Newman Holdings to NVR at 146 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $96,120.

NVR to Curtis Edward and Sherri Lynn Ross at 170 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $604,030.

Spring Valley 2 to Robert Schwendeman Jr. and Dawn Schwendeman at 5005 Yorkshire Way for $462,405.


NVR to Christopher Andrew Raudabaugh and Bailey Catherine Silbert at 200 Arden Drive for $406,905.

NVR to James Michael and Molly Connell Hackimer at 255 Arden Drive for $414,515.

NVR to Barry John and Suzanne Jean Mittermeier at 259 Arden Drive for $428,900.

Jonathan Landis to French Hill Properties at 696 Perry Highway for $355,000.

John Richard Zeigler to Mark Zeigler at 122 Scott Ridge Road for $154,000.


Simeon Hardy to Matthew Alexander at 1109 Oneida Valley Road for $152,000.

Ronald Henry to TammyAnn Henry and Kurt Gillman at 171 Woodcrest Road for $355,500.


Michael Scuticchio to Donald Messmer Jr. and Joan Rousseau at Franks Towne Lane for $130,000.

Edward Sulkoske Jr. to Charles and Megan Klingensmith at 110 Oak Ridge Drive for $45,000.

Bret Conaway to Beth Myers at 223 South Trail for $274,000.

Estate of Audrey Mathews to Brittany Swarmer at Woodland Road for $165,000.


William Dalmagro to Dean and Kari Ann Noechel at 193 Bear Creek Road for $365,000.


Jared Wilson to Luke Villella at 214 Woodhaven Drive for $226,100.


Lawrence Ablaster to Dalton Ablaster at 122 Debbie Ave. for $200,000.

Irvin Daniel Bayless II to Wolf Creek Rentals at 164 Elm St. for $196,000.

Justin Croll to Cole and Sara McCandless at 482 New Castle St. for $210,000.


James Yeamans to Kendall and Kendra Bauman at 101 Harmony Road for $285,000.


Joseph Gray to Amber Rose Grifith at 106 Bish Road for $112,000.

Landon Fleeger to Christine Bloom at 246 Pine Drive for $205,000.

Gerald David Huf II to Logan Huf at 105 Reed Lane for $165,000.

Virginia Kurtz to Steven and Michelle Hottenfeller at 116 Valley View Drive for $255,000.


Gregory Lynn Bryan to Wayne and Susan Seibel at 151 Main St. for $125,000.


John Phillips to James Zill Jr. and Stacy Zill at 314 Winfield Road for $300,000.


Estate of Veronica Shumate to Henry Paul Thornton and Cassidy Rae Vinson at Robinson Lane for $10,000.

Estate of Veronica Shumate to Henry Paul Thorton and Cassidy Rae Vinson at 112 Robinson Lane for $220,000.

Mark Betzler to Martin and Anne Renee Chavez at 1035 W. Park Road for $330,000.


Linda Hinchberger to Joshua Hinchberger and Amy Weichey at 312 S. High St. for $67,500.

William Haprer to Raymond Roccon and Jeanne Roccon Rohm at 154 S. Main St. for $750,000.

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