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Bee farmer demonstrates craft for school children

Abuzz with joy
Melanie Fessides, of Honeybee Farm, talks to first-graders at St. Gregory School in Zelienople about honeybees on Thursday. Christine Border/Special to the Eagle

ZELIENOPLE — Melanie Fessides lifted colorful panels painted with honeycombs and bees before a crowd of first-graders Thursday at St. Gregory School as she explained how new hives form.

“There are some bees that go to look for a new home, and they come back, and they tell the other bees where that house is by doing a little dance,” she said. “That’s called the waggle dance.”

One of the children rose right away to imitate an idea of what this dance might look like, sparking a whole movement of wiggles from the class as everyone did their best to speak fluent bee.

The swarm of bees thronged tirelessly throughout their box behind glass, heedless of their stardom before Dana Bodkin’s first-grade class.

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