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Recent park upgrades appeal to dog owners

There’s no bones about it. Dogs are a significant part of many people’s lives.

Their furry friends impact a number of their decisions — what they do on the weekends, where they live and more.

In Butler County, two ongoing projects appeal to this dog-lover audience.

The Jade’s Dog Park at Alameda Park is currently being revamped in Butler Township, and to the south in Cranberry Township, the new, revamped Rotary Dog Park will open officially in the Cranberry Township Community Park this weekend.

The latter will be celebrated with a ribbon-cutting “unleashing” event scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday. This dog park features new fencing, a shaded pavilion and a gravel path. Additionally, a portion of the park is now under the cover of trees.

The dog park at Alameda Park will be adding some new equipment — obstacles for dogs to run around and play on.

Now, dog parks aren’t for everyone. Not everyone has a dog. Not everyone has a dog that is able to visit a dog park.

But for those whose furry friends impact many of their decisions, these improvements increase the quality of life in Butler County.

In recent years, groups like the Cranberry K9 Connection group have formed with missions to enhance and improve the “dog community” in the township. They promote responsible pet care and advocate for safe places for their pets.

In a recent article in the Butler Eagle, this group expressed excitement about the new Cranberry-based dog park.

There’s certainly pros and cons to opening certain areas to dogs — and we won’t debate that — but dog parks are a nice win for dog owners in Butler County.

— TL

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