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County passes resolution to aid new homeowners with tax waiver

County commissioners unanimously approved a resolution Thursday allowing for forgiveness on a common local tax penalty affecting some new home owners.

“I think this is a great thing,” said Diane Marburger, Butler County treasurer.

The resolution facilitates the enactment of Pennsylvania Act 57, which passed into law in July.

The legislation allows real estate taxpayers who bought a home within the tax year to seek forgiveness for the 10% penalty for late payment, if they never received the tax bill in the mail.

There are restrictions. The taxpayer must sign documents stating they never received the bill, fill out a waiver request form, provide the tax collector with a deed or copy of the title showing the date of real property transfer, and pay the full face amount owed.

County solicitor Wil White said passing the resolution became essential, especially considering the county treasurer serves as tax collector for multiple municipalities.

“We have to do this countywide,” he said.

Marburger said her office receives calls about missing bills every year, and she feels this will be a good way for taxpayers to avoid unnecessary penalties.

“I hope this helps people from going into tax claims,” she said.

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