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Real Estate Transactions


NVR to Nathan Andrew Bluhm at 205 Cranesbill Drive for $352,260.

James Nelson to Ryan and Jennifer McEnroe at 1831 Liberty Way for $897,760.

Michael Frantz to Michael Alan and Jennifer Leake at 331 Myoma Road for $872,500.

Michon Kerlin to Braden Rotberg and Claudia Duncan at 701 Placid Court for $799,900.

Joel Little to William and Faith Radcliffe at 250 Tamarack Drive for $825,000.

David Goncar to Lila Simmons trustee at 1503 Torrey Pine Drive for $565,000.

S&A Homes to Krishnan Achary and Lakshi Priya Damodaran at Vista Ridge Road for $58,000.


Ray Gilmore to David Dunmire at 263 Main St. for $64,000.


NVR to Ryan Michael Olson and Nicole Agustine Beale at 100 Red Horse Drive for $486,625.

Willia Ames to William and Geraldine Goldscheitter at Route 228 for $180,000.


Lance Dew to Kenneth Erwin Frederick and Mindy Jane Mclendon at 609 Third St. for $140,000.

Patrick English to SFR 3 040 at 234 Amy Ave. for $30,000.

Ronald Miller trustee to Prime Properties USA at 401 E. Penn St. for $75,000.

Joseph Mudrick to Tamara Huth at 330 N Elm St. for $22,000.

Adam Henning to Brandon Vaughan at 114 Orchard Ave. for $220,000.

Richard Burgess to Charles Hanson Jr. and Bethany Deal at 118 Wippo Ave. for $110,000.


George Rotunda trustee to Comunity Care Conecctions at 123 Buttercut Road for $349,900.

Ronald Moculski to Rebekah Sample at 54 Old Plank Road for $70,000.

Gerald Kowalski to Margaret Fritz at 1103 Stoneridge Blvd. for $180,000.

Margaret Fritz to Joanhes and Jennifer Newton at 903 Stoneridge Blvd. for $205,000.

Marlin Pentz to Debra Smith at 907 Tudor Drive for $389,000.


D&D Beblo to RE Erdley & Sons Custom Home Builders at Blossom Drive for $130,000.

Joseph Foss to John and Carol Griffiths at 106 Iroquois Drive for $247,000.


James Coulter to Thomas Kober at 376 New Hope Road for $80,000.


Wade Hazlet to Llian Hutalski at 573 Claytonia Road for $196,000.

Shirley Anderson to Sean and Tonya Edinger at 116 Filer Lane for $221,000.

Kevin O'Donnell to Cruz Eshenbaugh and Nancy Anderson at West Sunbury Road for $415,000.


Bernard Ckernan to David and Barbara Mazzanti at 1042 Carriage Lane for $334,900.

Pitell Contracting to Luanne Steighner at 1121 Carriage Lane for $361,963.

Pitell Contracting to Douw Gerbrandt and Linda Renette Muller at 1123 Carriage Lane for $360,566.

William Hoffman to Joshiua William and Janelle Messenger at 1054 Ekastown Road for $199,900.

Hunter Jeffrey Haugh to Bryan Kephart at 330 Freeport St. for $80,000.


Hillis Wayne Kaltenbaugh trustee to B2 Storage at Shannon Road for $1,400,000.


NVR to Erick Gregory Mack at 206 Amon St. for $334,930.

NVR to Daniel George and Nancy Leah Shalenko at 208 Amon St. for $345,665.

Robert Michael Davidson to Karen and Misha Krul at 1205 Dutilh Road for $159,900.

Lake Forest Properties to Steel City Living at 7490 Franklin Road for $170,000.

William Obrien to Theron and Marcy Malcher at 133 Hunter Drive for $641,900.

Kenneth Jensen to Steve Smith trustee and Jeniffer Han trustee at 301 Laporte Court for $177,500.

David Ross to 9112 Marshall at 9112 Marshall Road for $450,000.

Stephen Sipe to Lynn Silva at 234 Meadowbrook Drive for $485,000.

Ryan Kelley to Tanner Fabian and Natalie Clougherty at 62 Rolling Road for $297,000.

Ethan Richter to Maresa Novakovich at 511 Sunrise Drive for $275,000.

William Camp to Halley Alexander at 830 Sunset Circle for $225,000.

Victor Allen Taylor to Paul and Amy Omasits at 503 Wildwing Drive for $801,000.


Ralph Spithaler to Caleb Cortese and Caci Jo Harvey at 124 Third St. for $320,000.


Maronda Homes to Donald Wahl Jr. and Britney Wahl at 319 Cool Springs Drive for $427,864.

Chad Burr to John Garble IV at 134 Wonderland Park Road for $500,000.


Alfredo Dambrogio to Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide at 308 Dior Drive for $520,000.

Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide to Christopher Szimanski and Stephanie Mitchell at 308 Dior Drive for $520,000.

Ryan Fennick to Colin and Lisa Fenchak at 291 Lindsay Road for $315,000.

Seneca Trails to NVR at 424 Sarjean Way for $91,595.

NVR to Ian Patrick and Andrea Nicole Grady at 304 Shanleigh Drive for $474,125.

NVR to Jacob Ryan and Shanique Ashanti Ryckman at 310 Shanleigh Drive for $496,890.

Newman Holdings to NVR at 154 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $96,120.

Spring Valley Partners 2 to Timothy and Marsha Davis at 5007 Yorkshire Way for $4,060,105.


Arden Development Partnersto NVR at 326 Arden Drive for $174,000.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at 748-754 Oliver St. for $123,640.


Estate of Delton Loyal Weigle to Barbara Sherrill at west of Creek Bottom Road for $17,000.


Matthew Thoman to Donald and Taja Hanley at 2052 Eagle Ridge Drive for $649,900.

Joseph Kapp to Drew David and Cynthia Rae Modispacher at 133 Keithwood Drive for $320,000.

Estate of Roma Davis Park to Joshua Glenn Blackstone and Shannon Rae Park at 279 Park Road for $290,000.

Shawn Pengilly to Ryan Eury at 471 Sandy Hill Road for $340,000.

Millcreek Partners 2 to James and Linda Millson at 1011 Tilly Drive for $415,000.


Scott Hoffman to Affordable Housing Advisors at 129 Pleasant Valley Road for $200,000.


Kenneth Graham to Kristin Patrick at 301 Chicora Road for $165,000.


David McCahill to Charles and Barbara Snyder at Hicks Road for $600 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $4,431).

Robert Voltz to Bret Conaway and Marley Good at 146 Steppland Road for $292,000.


Robert Duffield to Shane and Denise Zinn at 141 Kennedy Road for $54,000.


Sue Hamilton to Tanner and Nicole Rae Mannella at 419 W. Grandview Ave. for $175,000.

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