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Commissioners agree to continue, may expand election review

Butler County Board of Elections workers count ballots in a conference room at the Butler County Government Center in Butler. Cary Shaffer/Butler Eagle

The county commissioners on Wednesday informally agreed to continue, and possibly expand, with their election review.

The commissioners said they plan to review the results of this year’s election from the Middlesex Township South voting precinct following the election.

That precinct was one of the three that were randomly selected for the review of the results of the 2020 election. The review of the first two precincts, Butler City 4-1 and Donegal Township, began July 27 and was completed on Aug. 11.

Solicitor Wil White, who is serving as interim director of elections, said the review of all three precincts could have been completed in the allotted three-week period if the review didn’t have to be suspended for a few days due to illness.

The review of Butler 4-1 and Donegal Township found only one discrepancy in a Donegal Township ballot in which a voter marked one vote outside of the circle on the ballot. The scanning machine that counts votes counted it as an under vote, but that vote was counted in the hand count during the review.

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