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County begins review of 2020 election, including machine and hand count of votes in 3 precincts

Butler County Board of Elections workers count ballots Wednesday in a conference room at the Butler County Government Center in Butler. Cary Shaffer/Butler Eagle

The county’s review of its vote counting procedures in the 2020 election began Wednesday, and ballots from one of the three precincts selected for the review will be counted Monday.

County commissioners along with solicitor Wil White, who is serving as the interim director of elections, discussed the review at the commissioners meeting Wednesday before the review began at noon.

The results of all races in the 2020 election in the Middlesex Township South, Donegal Township and Butler City 4-1 precincts will be counted by machine and by hand, and the results will be compared to determine the time, staffing needs and cost to conduct hand counts.

The three precincts were selected at random for the review. Officials decided to start with the Butler precinct because it had the fewest number of registered voters among those precincts.

By mid-afternoon Wednesday, White and elections department staff had found all the ballots cast at the Butler precinct, and had gone through eight of the 24 boxes of all county mail-in and absentee ballots looking for those submitted for the Butler precinct.

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