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Alameda’s Purple Playground being resurfaced for increased accessibility

Saryah Lorenzini goes down a slide at the Purple Playground at Alameda Park Thursday. EDDIE TRIZZINO/BUTLER EAGLE

The renovation of the Purple Playground at Alameda Park is nearly complete.

The final phase of playground’s renovation, which has spanned the past few years, begins Monday when crews will resurface the handicap-accessible side of the playground.

Lance Welliver, director of Butler County Parks and Recreation, said the office received a $110,000 grant from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources that was matched by the county department to make improvements to the playground.

Work began in 2020 on the first two phases, Welliver said. The playground’s resurfacing is third and final phase.

“That was part of an entire project where we repainted the posts and replaced a lot of the platforms,” Welliver said. “It's a rubberized surface material, so if you are in a wheelchair or walker, it's accessible for them to get on.”

Welliver said the playground is due for a resurfacing, because the popular rubber side of the playground has been in use for many years.

The resurfacing is scheduled to be completed by June 6, weather permitting. The other side of the playground that has a mulch floor will remain open while the rubberized side is resurfaced, according to Welliver.

The playground was in use Thursday, when children and families hit the equipment on the sunny afternoon.

Kayla Lorenzini said she lives near the playground, and brings her children there often to burn off some energy on the rubber ground.

Welliver said the playground’s accessibility adds to the assets of Alameda Park.

“It's a good advantage to have that there,” Welliver said.

Brynlee Link gets ready to slide at Alameda Park's Purple Playground Thursday, which is scheduled to be resurfaced starting Monday. EDDIE TRIZZINO/BUTLER EAGLE