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Biden has what it takes

Joe Biden knows what it takes to restore American leadership and bring dignity back to the office of the president. In less than a year, his list of accomplishments is impressive and performed with little braggadocio or fanfare.

The economy under his leadership has made a rapid recovery with unemployment now at 4.3% in Butler County — well below the national rate of 7.9% when Trump left office.

The families of 2.2 million children in Pennsylvania benefited from his tax cuts, and under his leadership monthly reductions of health care premiums for a family of four now stand at $605.

He increased SNAP funds so thousands of Butler County’s children in need have access to free lunches, and eased supply-chain problems caused by COVID stresses.

In less than a year, his administration fixed the Trump vaccine logjam by distributing millions of vaccines, saving countless lives.

It is estimated that in Pennsylvania, fracking created 25,000 jobs. Biden’s Rescue Plan has created 69,500 jobs in our state, and his Infrastructure Bill has saved and or created 585,030 jobs in Pennsylvania.

President Biden has restored our footing with allies by rejoining the Paris Climate Accords and the World Health Organization, while at the same time, taking a strong stance against Russia's incursion into Ukraine.

He does this without bluster, and not for his own self-aggrandizement. He believes democracy thrives when both parties engage in honest debate and negotiate in good faith, knowing that no one party, or person, has all the answers.

The numbers don’t lie: Biden has been good for the United States, and good for Butler County.

Kathleen Richardson