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Construction starting soon at high school

The Community Agricultural Partnership at Summit (CAPS) is a project that will transform the school grounds at Summit Elementary School into a community garden. Submitted Photo

BUTLER TWP — Construction materials will begin arriving at Butler Area Senior High School on Wednesday, around the same time students arrive for the start of the school day.

District superintendent Brian White said at Monday’s school board meeting that steel will be delivered to the building and placed by construction workers as the pieces arrive. The first pieces to arrive will be used to build a new gymnasium onto the school, White said.

“There is an intricate dance that is going to occur with the students and buses arriving, getting parked, and then every two hours thereafter, trucks of steel (will be) arriving for the gymnasium,” White said of Wednesday’s plans.

The project features the addition of a new 19,000-square-foot wing to the high school, making room for a new auditorium; 10 new classrooms, including a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) space; wood shops; 3D printers; and additional technology.

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