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Viking theme inspires ceremony

Chloe and Alex Aspinall had a Viking-themed ceremony on the day of their wedding. The braids in Chloe's hair are reminiscent of Nordic wedding hair styles.Submitted

On Oct. 3, Chloe and Alex Aspinall were married at Camp Bucoco, outside Slippery Rock, in a Viking-themed wedding.

The Aspinalls, who have been together four years, decided they wanted a themed wedding because of their shared love of history. Then they began brainstorming ideas.

“My best friend came up with the idea (of Vikings), and we ran with it,” Chloe said. “We both like medieval stuff.”

Chloe said the bridal party was all dressed in traditional Viking garb, with the groomsmen in tunics and sporting swords at their sides. The swords were already in the family, as Alex's father is interested in medieval culture, as well.

The bridesmaids wore apron dresses and had daggers, while Chloe wore a traditional white wedding dress, with her hair done in braids reminiscent of the Nordic hair styles.

Sister Patricia Myers, Chloe's great aunt, said since Viking culture is so connected to nature, the wedding took place outside at Camp Bucoco.“It was a gorgeous wedding,” Myers said. “All the leaves were beginning to turn.”According to Myers, the wedding ceremony was full of Nordic wedding rituals. It began with the blowing of a conch shell, and the couple standing on a bear rug for the exchanging of vows.The couple's former art teacher from Slippery Rock High School officiated the wedding.The teacher was helpful in the implementation of Viking traditions to the ceremony.“We got close in her art class,” Chloe said of her and her husband. “She was super helpful, and we consider her a close friend.”She and Alex took part in a “hand fasting” ritual, where the officiant wraps cords around the couples hands as a symbol of unity.“It's where the phrase 'tie the knot' comes from,” Chloe said.The Aspinalls then exchanged their rings on the tips of daggers. Myers said at the ceremony's end, the bride and groom were presented to their friends and family, exiting the ceremony as the bridal party formed an arch of swords for them to walk under.According to Myers, feasting is an essential staple in Viking culture and that was reflected at the reception. Chloe described it as a mix of normal American and Viking traditions.“We had a whole pig roasted,” Chloe said. “And the bridal party had drinking horns to use during the reception.”Chloe said guests enjoyed the wedding's theme and that she wouldn't change anything in regard to the day.“A lot of people said it was unique and liked it,” Chloe said. “I don't think I'd change a lot about it. We had a lot of help from family and friends setting everything up, which was nice. I don't think I'd change it.”

Chloe and Alex Aspinall and their bridal party wore Viking-themed garb for their October wedding.
The Aspinalls had their Viking-themed wedding at Camp Bucoco in Slippery Rock Township.