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Choosing the right venue

Sherry Lynn

Over the years, couples have all dreamed about their fairy tale wedding coming to life. They have thought about the perfect attire, guests and food, but as soon as someone says “yes,” all of those plans seem hard to remember.

The easiest place to start planning a wedding is the venue. Choosing a venue will provide the foundation of a date, place and time that the wedding will take place. Making the venue your own is what will set your wedding apart from the rest.

It is easy to get taken away by the beauty of a wedding venue.Begin choosing a venue by searching for the type of wedding you want.There are endless options of barns, formal halls and gardens, so decide what makes a space special enough for you to choose it.At Weddings at Eisler Farms, we are fascinated to see our couples choose between our three venues because they are so different.In the end, each couple has very specific wants that push them toward one venue instead of the others.

Now that you know what aesthetic you want, determine what you value in a venue.Can the venue host your ceremony? Is air conditioning required? Do you want a separate space for cocktail hour? Is there a wedding coordinator provided?These are all questions that you need to consider when choosing a venue.It is also important to consider what you would like to see as a wedding guest to enhance your guest's experience.

One of the scariest parts of wedding planning can be creating a budget that you and your partner are comfortable with.Venues can take up a large portion of your budget, so it is important to know what is included in that cost.Venues want to make it easy for couples to choose their location, so they can include services that set them apart from others.One of our popular offers is the use of our “I Do Redo” collection, which is a collection of decor, signage, centerpieces and more for couples to use for free. We are always receiving feedback from couples telling us how helpful and budget-friendly it is to use our collection.Small services can help you make the venue your own and achieve the experience you want for your wedding.Choosing a wedding venue can seem overwhelming so knowing your aesthetic, deciding what you value and considering your budget will make it much easier.Do not let the stress of choosing a venue cloud the excitement of your new engagement. Your wedding day will be nothing short of perfect no matter what venue you choose.Sherry Lynn is the owner of several wedding venues in Butler County, including The Atrium, Pinehall and The Woods at Eisler Farms. She has over 20 years of experience in the wedding industry and enjoys working in every part of the wedding process.