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Site last updated: Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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County buys armored car

Attached is a photo of the tactical armored vehicle purchased by the county for the county Emergency Services Unit.This is the actual vehicle to be received by Butler County. It is currently under construction at Terradyne Armored Vehicles in Ontario, Canada.Ed Lenz, an ESU team leader, expects delivery of the vehicle in February.

The county Emergency Services Unit team will be a lot safer once it takes possession of the first armored vehicle to be procured by the county.

At their Wednesday meeting, the county commissioners approved using up to $331,750 in American Rescue Plan funds to buy a large Humvee-like tactical vehicle that will be outfitted and armored to provide optimum safety for the law enforcement officers who use it.

District Attorney Rich Goldinger told the supervisors the team, which is basically the county's SWAT team, will use the vehicle in high-intensity situations such as active shooters, search warrants and applicable Drug and Alcohol Task Force calls.

The armored car's most important feature is that it is bullet-proof.

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