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Dear Santa

Santa Claus brought heavy snowfall for the Spirit of Christmas Parade in downtown Butler.

The Butler Eagle presents its annual children’s letter to Santa Claus. Since the deadline has passed, no other letters can be accepted. More letters to Santa will appear in the Butler Eagle in the coming days.

Dear Santa,I want a real like baby doll, LOL surprise dolls, and rainbow bath bombs with toys inside.Love, Adalynn Barger, 6Thanks for the presents.———Santa,I want dinosaur bath bombs and lightening McQueen stuff. And a Diamond. And a creeper.Thank you,Ryder Barger, 4———Dear Santa,I would like a pair of roller blades and NERF guns. And a pair of hats, Nintendo switch.Thank you,Clayton Barger, 8———Dear Santa,Hi Santa! My name is Isabella. I have been a very good girl this year. This year for Christmas I would love to have a play kitchen. Peppa pig is my favorite, can you please bring me some Peppa pig toys as well. I will leave you lots of cookies and some carrots for the reindeer too. Thank you Santa.Love,Isabella McClanahan, 21 months———Dear Santa,would you please bring me a puppet, the bear game, the shark game, rock n sockem robot game. I have been kind a lot of times. Sometimes I have been a little bad though.I realy like mac and cheese and pizza.I will leave you cookies and hot chocolate.Thank you very muchLily, 4west sunbury———Hello Santa!I am so excited for Christmas! This year I would absolutely love a baby go bye bye doll, a camera, a giant Owl pop-it, and for everyone to have a very Merry Christmas! Also thank-you for sending us an elf this year! We love her and you!Miley Bayer, 8———Hi Santa!!Thank you so much for sending us an elf this year! She is very special to us! We named her Ellie and we love her. For Christmas this year I would love some slime, puzzles, a camera, and for everyone to be extra kind this Christmas season & always.Allie Bayer, 6 ½———Dear Santa,THIS IS MY YEAR! I get it now, I see what all the hype is about and I am SO excited for your arrival. I have been such a good boy this year. I help my mommy with chores, I work outside with Daddy and I will do anything that my big sisters ask me to do.You know me, I still like trucks, lawn mowers, tractors, cars and the occasional dinosaur. I plan to come sit on your lap soon and tell you these things face to face as well. Also, I have been requesting to “sit on the lap of Jesus” and tell him what I want for Christmas. Do you think you can arrange that? I can only assume that you two know each other as Christmas is a big day for you both.See you soon, Ho-Ho!Love, Ezekiel Hills, 3———Hello Santa,I hope you and Mrs. Clause had a wonderful year and you got lots of rest. I know you are real busy now with making lots of toys.I have been pretty good this year even though my mom and dad yell at me a lot. They don't understand that I am a boy full of energy.For Christmas I would like lots of bulldozers and backhoes. I love playing in the dirt. I also would like new books so mommy can read them to me. I also need new clothes because I am growing out of my old ones. How about some rock paint, bath bombs, and anything else you can think of. Well got to go please be careful delivering presents.Merry ChristmasJaxson Nyberg, 6Slippery Rock———Hi Santa!I have been an extra good girl this year! For Christmas I would love lots of Barbie things, lots of Unicorn things, surprise blind bag toys, and for everyone to have a blessed and safe Christmas!Kinsley Bayer, 3½———Hi Santa,I've been making really good choices and doing good at my school! I am excited for Christmas. My elf Peter Parker watches me and my reindeer Miles Morales and they said to write you a letter. Im asking forA Blue rc car, Hex bug and he bug dragon, Micro machine race track, Nerf gun, Truck with long cover trailerThank you SantaI love you!Love, Maverick, 4Chicora———Dear Santa,My name is Emerson. I am 10 years old. I think I have been good. I've try to help out when my mom asks. My life goal is to make a homeless shelter. What I would like for Christmas is a hoverboard, legos, Harry Potter things, iphone 7, popsocket, iphone cases, sewing things, and Nintendo switch.I do not care if I don't get everything, but It would be good.Also I am thankful for anything else.Love, Emerson———Dear Santa,I know my letters now santa. I want presents. Me and Layne don't want to be on the naughty list. I like to go on adventures so I want something for my adventures to see the beautiful trees and the lake. I want a toy dirtbike, a monster truck, toy phone, and a toy street bike. For Layne(my little brother), a toy controller so he doesn't take mine while I play my game. And a bigger sippy cup because he's growing up now. And a little cooking set up and I'll teach him how to play with it.Love, Greyson Christie, 5Layne Christie, 1Harrisville———Dear HoHo,For Christmas I would like a blue babydoll, green dohdoh, a balloon, kinetic sand, a tractor, truck like dadas, markers and a bun.Love, Hadley Ice, 2Emlenton———Dear Santa,I have been a very hyper boy. I climb everything. I would like a coco mellon toys, and items to build and stack.Love, Otto, 1Cabot———Dear Santa,I have been extra good this year.I would like a Monster Truck car wash, motorcycle dinosaurs, Nerf guns and much more.Safe travels on Christmas Eve.Love, Michael, 3Cabot———Dear Santa,I have been very good this year. I have been very helpful to my mom.I would like a hoverboard, whiteboard, icecream maker and a farry Garden.Please and Thank youLove, Bristol, 7Cabot———Dear Santa,I have been very good this year. For Christmas I would like an Xbox, wobble life game, Minecraft and Pokémon action figures, trampoline with a net, legos and a bowling machine.Love,Michael Masciarelli, 6———Dear Santa,I have been a good girl this year. I would like a trampoline, baby stuff, earrings, pop it's and a necklace. Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas Santa!!Love, Carlee May Masciarelli, 2

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