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Dear Santa

Santa waves to Cranberry Township area residents at the Santa's First Stop event.

The Butler Eagle presents its anual children’s letters to Santa Claus. Since the deadline has passed, no other letters can be accepted. More letters to Santa will appear in the Butler Eagle in the coming days.

Dear Santa Clause,I'm Leanne. I want PJs, a fidget pack, roller skates, LOLs, a silicone baby doll, and a new hairbrush, and a new toothbrush. Have a great year! Merry Christmas!From,Leanne Crawford, 8Hilliards———Dear Santa,I have tried really hard to be a good little boy. I would really like these things for Christmas. I want a NFL football, a big T Rex, a new TV for my bedroom, Lego Luigi, Lego Mario set with the shell guy, Mario Party Superstars Nintendo game, New Pokémon Snap game, and a cat stuffed toy. I promise I will leave you cookies and milk on Christmas Eve.Ethan Gold, 7West Sunbury———Dear Santa,I have a long list of I want for Christmasi have been good this year.1. Magic Mixes2. my life doll bathroom set3. red yoshi plushy4. Light blue yoshi plushy5. dark blue yoshi plushy6. yellow yoshi plushy7. purple yoshi plushy8. orange yoshi plushy9. black yoshi plushy10. toadette plushy11. pricessss peach12. roseliea plushy13. dasiy plushy14. paachette plushy15. huge from daddy and a kiss from my mommy.Your friend,Jackalyn goldI am 11 and in 5th gradeWest Sunburyp.s. put me on the good list i have been very good this year.———Dear Santa,I have been a good girl. This year has been a little crazy with everything going on in this world. If you get chance can I have squishmallows, American girl doll stuff, and a little live pet pig. Can you please bring something for my brother, Carter also. We will leave you some snacks.Take CareMaddie R., 8Butler———Dear Santa,How have you been? Have you stayed safe. For Christmas can I please Harry Potter Legos. I've been a good boy. Can you also bring my sister, Maddie something. We will leave cookies, milk, and carrots. See you soon.Love,Carter R., 11Butler———Dear Santa,Hi, I'm 8 years old and gave been very good! Could you please bring me lego sets, race track, hot wheel cars and monster trucks!Merry Christmas,Love, Hayden———Dear Santa,Hi, I am Addison I would like to have lego sets, clothes!Merry Christmas!Love, Addison———Dear Santa,Hi, I am 2 years old and have been a good boy. I wish you can bring monster trucks, hot wheel cars a race track!Thank you,Ryan———Dear Santa,I have been good this year by sharing my toys and being kind to my friends. My wish list is: a Batman robot, a dinosaur robot, and a puppy robot. Thank you Santa.Love, Crichton, 5———Dear Santa,My name is Christopher hustak I'm 2 I've been a very good little boy. My mommy has to work on Christmas Eve so I'll be at my Grammy and pappys house so please don't for to stop there for me.I like to play with Mickey Mouse things, and watch Mickey Mouse movies, I would like a baby puppy for Christmas so I can grow up with him and become best friends with him, I like to ride on toys outside and play on my tablet, play tools so I can leave my pappys tools alone, I like to color pictures for my daddy so maybe get some crayons and coloring books, I like to read books, get some new clothes size 3T or 4T. Mickey Mouse rug and curtains for my bedroom. Pictures for my bedroom.Santa don't forget to eat the cookies me and my aunt Haley made for u and I will leave some raindeer food out for them to.Love, Christopher Joseph hustak, 2———Dear Santa,Thank you for all the gifts last year! I love the bike, although I still fall off sometimes. If you need an idea for me this year, I would really like an Easy Bake Oven. Whatever you bring, I am sure I will love though!You better get lots of sleep because you have a big night ahead!Love, Janie, 5———Dear Santa,Thank you for sending Chippy to my house! Thank you for bringing me presents last time. I love you. Please give my friends presents. I would like Polly Pocket Ice Cream compact, Barbie restaurant, Sunny Starscout toys, and a super hero unicorn book. I will be good this year.Love, Payton Olszak, 4Evans City———Hi Santa,I'm very excited for Christmas this year. I am learning a lot about you from my big sister and brother. Sissy thinks I would like to ride a unicorn; I just know I like wrapping paper and bows!Austen Olszak, 1Evans City———Dear Santa,I have been working really hard this year. I have been a good brother. This year I want a big rig and a race track. A fast one. And cars to play with. And Blippi toys.Thank you,Peter Olszak, 3Evans City———Dear SantaThis year for Christmas I would like Lol Omg Big Sister DollsRainbow High Series 3 dollsBaby Alive Temperature DollOur Generation CabinOree Beez Soothing SpaSmithsonian Plasma BallTamagotchi PixPlease take care of my Elf on the shelf elves Elfie and Gingerbread and my Elf helpers Frost and Uptown Girl. I wonder how you fly around the world in one night. Have a safe trip.Thank you.Love, Zairiah, 7———Dear Santa,I am so excited for Christmas!Thanks for last year's gifts. This year I would like some puzzles, games, or anything Strawberry Shortcake!Thanks!Mae, 2———Dear Santa,Hi, I am 2 years old and have been a good boy. I wish you can bring monster trucks, hot wheel cars a race track!Thank you,Ryan———Dear Santa,I would like a colt and a pooping flamingo and some elf pet minis and magic mixes and a holiday magic Barbie and Santa's cookie workshop and Monster High dolls and Mermaid High dolls and Robofish and Rainbow High Amaya and Miraculous dolls and Incredibles dolls and tangle.Brooklyn Brandon, 6Butler———Dear Santa,I love you and I hope you can get my presents. Thank you for sending our Elf to our house this year. I would like a race car track, a new vampire toy, a night sword like from ghostbusters, a PJMask transformer, a Spidey toy, some cologne, a blue skateboard, and some toys for my sisters.Merry Christmas!Mason I., 4———Dear Santa,For Christmas I would like a Cutetito animal, a pink skateboard, a makeup kit, a stuffed dog animal, and maybe a new babydoll.Merry Christmas!Love, Alexa I., 7———Dear Santa,For Christmas, I would like some easy wooden puzzles, some books, and ride on toys. Maybe some PJs.Merry Christmas!Love, Charlotte I., 1(And help from my siblings)———Santa,I have been a very good girl all year long. I never cause trouble, I love to help others and school is my absolute favorite thing in the world! I had a lot of trouble making a Christmas list this year, but after some brainstorming with my sisters, I have a few ideas.I am enjoying baby dolls again. I would like a new baby stroller, a baby car seat and a baby backpack. I love to watch Bob Ross paint, so I would like a Bob Ross coloring book as well.I cannot wait until your arrival. I am in charge of moving the Christmas Countdown calendar so, as of today, see you in 17 days!Love, Eleanor Hills, 6———Santa,I am in 4th grade now and this is a tough year as some of my friends no longer believe in you. I have decided that is fine, but for me, I believe! I think I have been very well behaved this year, if you ask me. I do really well in school, I help my Mom and Dad out with my younger siblings and I have worked hard to accomplish some goals that I had set for myself.This year I am all about art! I spend my free time watching videos and learning how to blend paint, layer acrylics and makeover old toys and squishies into new, fun toys! That said, I would like some more paint, primer, a big colored pencil set, posca pens and throw in a new pair of Converse hightops to switch it up, please.Thank you, Santa.Love, Adeline Hills, 10———Dear Santa,I want an Elsa doll, an Ana doll, horse toys, a Polly Pocket, Barbies, Chelsea, LOL Dolls, OMG dolls, a bounce house, art supplies, make-up, and a Barbie Dream House. I have been good.Love, Elliana Geibel———Dear Santa,I want LOL Dolls, an airplane, a fire truck, Cat Noir and Ladybug toys, a police car, a toy phone, and a pretend cake.Love, Annelise Geibel———Hi Santa!I was a very good boy this year! What I would really like is a Hot Wheels Gas Station. I love Hot Wheels and Monster Jam. They're my favorites! I really liked seeing you this year. I hope you liked my Baby Yoda ugly sweater when we got our picture taken! Have a Merry Christmas!Love, Dirk, 4Cranberry Township———Dear Santa,Hi Santa! Emma here and this is what I want for Christmas. I want a Clay Pet Adoption Truck. If the elves have other sets like that one, too, then I would like 1 or 2 more please. But still the one I really want. I was really good this year. Ask Clarabelle & Coco!From,Emma, 8Cranberry Township———Dear Santa,I would like a Happy Napper, basketball shoes, a Poopsie, a math book, jewelry kit, scented markers and Foosketball. Thank you for making toys for all the children of the world.Merry Christmas!Love, Ella Callender, 8———Dear Santa,Thank for delivering toys Santa. I've been nice to my sisters. Please can I have ballet slippers, makeup, a Disney Doorables, Barbie with unicorn, and an inside basketball hoop. I will leave carrots for your reindeer and leave you cookies and milk.Love, Lucia Callender, 5———Dear Santa,I've been a good girl this year. For Christmas I would like anything Paw Patrol, especially Skye with a helicopter, Skye books and Paw Patrol shoes. I'll leave you milk and cookies!!Love, Bria Callender, 3

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