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Family's questions remain about death of Walter Wiemann

Tammi Kaufman, left, and her mother, Karen Wiemann, are filing a complaint against the Pennsylvania State Police for the actions that led to the death of Walter Wiemann.

The family of the late Walter Wiemann is still trying to find out what led state police to shoot and kill the 73-year-old patriarch three years ago, and wants to help protect other people with Alzheimer's disease from a similar fate.

Wiemann's daughters, Tammi Kaufman and Kimberly Wiemann, and his widow, Karen Wiemann, are working to keep their federal lawsuit against state police alive, so they can obtain reports to find out if the 30 troopers that surrounded his Forward Township home on Sept. 18, 2018, followed procedure, and, if so, to change that procedure.

“I don't feel they had the right to be judge, jury and executioner that day,” Kaufman said.

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