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Seneca Valley High School senior scores perfect on SAT and ACT

College admission exams such as the SAT and ACT bring a lot of pressure for students to achieve a “good” score, but a perfect score on both exams is much harder to achieve.

Seneca Valley High School senior Liam Volk-Klos recently received notification he scored a perfect 1600 on the SAT while simultaneously earning a perfect composite score of 36 on the ACT.

It is incredibly challenging to earn a perfect on the SAT exam. It is estimated that out of the two million students who take the SAT every year, only about 500 earn the highest score. Liam scored in the 99th nationally representative sample percentile and SAT user percentile for both his reading and writing and math scores.When considering Liam also achieved a perfect ACT score, it's even more of a feat; it's considered incredibly rare with less than 1% earning such a double honor. In the U.S. high school graduating class of 2020, only 5,579 out of 1.67 million students who took the ACT earned a top composite score of 36.Liam said, “I want to thank all my teachers, the English and math teachers I've had; Mrs. Mihalik, Mrs. Armor, Mrs. Kerr, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Ruggeri; I couldn't have done this without them. I also want to thank both my mom and my dad. My dad got me into reading which I attribute much of my success.”“We would like to congratulate as well as celebrate such a rare and distinguishing accomplishment,” said Seneca Valley Senior High School Principal Bob Ceh. “The wealth of knowledge and problem-solving ability that is required to score a perfect on both exams is something that is hardly ever seen in high schools.”

Liam Volk-Klos