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Truck crashes into Five Below in Cranberry

No shoppers or store employees were injured in the Friday afternoon crash.

CRANBERRY — A pick-up truck crashed through the window of the Five Below at the Cranberry Mall on Route 19 on Friday afternoon.

Cranberry Township Chief of Fire and Emergency Services Scott Garing said the vehicle hit the window at an angle from the parking lot road in front of the store.

The driver sustained minor injuries and was taken by Cranberry EMS to the hospital.

“We had a car drive into the building here,” he said. “We’ve got clean-up of all the mess, and securing of the building to ensure it’s safe for everybody. It came at an angle right through the corner there.”

Cranberry Township Police, Cranberry Township Volunteer Fire Company, Adams Area Fire District and Cranberry EMS were among those that responded to the scene.

Sister Patricia Myers said she saw the car hit the window as she was getting out of her parked car in the parking lot.

“It’s a big, big, big truck, and it just crashed right through,” she said. “It made a really loud sound.”

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