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We still love Jane Austen

We are now told Jane Austen isn’t “woke” enough!

Readers and viewers the world over have come to love the escape found in 19th century literature. Beautiful horses, carriages, gowns, homes and estates are now censored as being extravagant and class elite. The personalities of the many subjects are viewed as White supremacists and devoid of all compassion for the “lower classes.”

Attempts to remedy the suffering of the poor are featured as ineffective. Family life is viewed as archaic. Relationships between men and women are decried as judgemental.

The Industrial Revolution resulting in monies made by a new working class is portrayed as too capitalistic.

Readers like ourselves are being censored as to our love of a now banned literature, and to our experience of wanting to escape painful modern dogma into a fantasy world of beauty and entertainment.

Susan Scheib Przybylek,


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